getting ready for stanley
Another busy day getting everything ready for our trip tomorrow! Stanely arrived safely at Andra's house and she is looking after him for me! Thank you so much Andra! I have also been getting lots of work done, so I can leave and enjoy the weekend and won't feel guilty.

Here's another photo of Stanely. Aww what a cutie. I can't wait to snuggle him!!

We'll leave tomorrow as soon as Paul get's home from work so we probably won't get to Atlanta until 10pm but that should be OK. Then we can have a nice sleep and get Stanley on Saturday morning!

Toby had a bath tonight so he is all sweet smelling for our road trip! Oh great news, Toby does not have Cushing's Disease. Thank goodness. And he really enjoyed the visit to the Complementary Therapy Vet. I was shocked he seemed to like the acupuncture! He actually dozed off at one point and usually he's like a rabid beast at the vet. I have never tried acupuncture myself, but after his visit I want to try it to see if it helps with my migraines. We are also starting him on some supplements to see if that helps his hair growth.

I have everything ready for our
pet sitter, Laura, to come and take care of Mabel. I hope Mabel will take Stanley under her wing or at the very least be nice to him. I am used to introducing cats, so I know the drill. Very slow introductions are key. I am hoping since he is a baby she won't feel threatened, maybe she'll even like him right away. I can hope!!

Tonight my niece Maiya came over so we could watch her while my brother and sister in-law went to the parent/teacher night at her school. It was fun to have her over and she is really looking forward to meeting Stanely!

I'll try to post Saturday night when I get back! If not, see you Sunday!!

P.S. Happy 5th Aniiversary to my wonderful and amazing husband, Paul. I love you!!


I can't wait for you to get Stanley !!! I am so happy Toby doesn't have Cushings. How cute that he loved acupuncture. My husband is a human acupuncturist and yes it can help with migraines. He does acpuncture on our dog Hugo and he dozes off too. Have a safe and wonderful road trip. xoxo
Funny how animals can sense the positives of alternative medical practices like acupuncture!!! LOL! I, too, have had quite a bit of acupuncture for various ailments, and it is an amazing tool. I think it would definitely help with your migraines.

Happy Anniversary! Also, I SOOOOO look forward to seeing photos and hearing stories of little Stanley as he grows in your care. I showed his photos to my hubby who then began to whine and remind me that both times he wanted to get a kitten to cuddle and go all googley over, I brought home full grown rescues. Then he proceeded to snuggle and baby talk our grown cats, so I don't think his trauma is too great. However, your Stanley tales are getting me a bunch of guilt tripping from him. LOL!!!! He wants Stanley, too.
Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to hear about your first meeting with baby Stanley. He's adorable :)
yay! orange kitties are my absolute favorite. dante is allergic so i will have to live vicariously through you. :)
Claudine & Paul -HAPPY 5TH!
Congrats on the new furbaby- he is an absolute dreamscicle!
Kari McKnight-Holbrook

Don't be afraid to try the accupuncture! I had a migrane for 13 weeks with no let up- went to all sorts of Dr's even a neurologist and none could help- no meds helped either. I went in for accupuncture and within 20 minutes (while I was still on the table!) My migraine was GONE!!!! And it looks much worse than it is-the needles don't hurt at ALL!
Happy 5th Claudine. Hope to meet that feller of yours someday soon...and to catch up with you as well!
I have a checklist for you...

1. A VERY Happy Anniversary to you and Paul!! Yippee!

2. Awe. Stanley is so cuddly cute. This is so exciting!

3. I voted for Poppets - 3 cheers for Poppets!!

Have a safe trip up and back to get Stanley.

oh my goodness! stanley is cutie-pie! i'm so happy for you guys. you know, i've heard that about accupuncture too as i suffer from migraines - yipes! hang in there and happy anniversary to you guys! we just had our 3rd on the 6th! HUGE hugs, rach cute! I have to show it to my niece, big fan of cats!
such a cute little kitty...I don't know what I'd do without mine...

Ouissi x
Thanks for your nice comment. I love your work. I wish I could think like you!
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