what a day to fly
Paul arrived home today from his trip to visit family. I am so glad he's home but what a day to fly!

He thought the airport in Cleveland would be nuts with the new security alert, but amazingly he said it wasn't too bad. It wasn't even too crazy when I picked him up in Orlando. I am sure other airports were totally nuts though. Maybe we just got lucky. There were a lot of tourists very upset about having to dump out their duty free liquor purchases at the security line.

Should be interesting when my mom and I fly to Phoenix on Monday morning. I hear we can't even bring water purchased at the airport (past security lines) on the plane with us. I can not go a 5 hour flight with only one measly in flight drink service. I guess I'll drink as much water as I can before boarding.

I got possibly the best workshop testimonial today ever. From
a student taking my Sedona workshop next week. She said "I'm so excited to take your class - and any threats of terror will not change my excitement level!!"

Wow can't beat that!
so beautiful! I love the bird singing as well nice touch!
Yikes. I can't imagine having to fly right now. Glad to hear Paul made it home safely and without too many problems. Hope your flight goes smoothly, and just remember...if you drink a lot before you get on, you may have to make a few trips to the potty!
Claudine: I flew from San Fran home to Phoenix yesterday. Security was nuts at SF. My flight was at 7:20 a.m. A lot of people had no idea about the new restrictions and that's what held up the lines. When I got into Phoenix, people were running crazy everywhere. I know a lot of flights were delayed because of it. They held my flight for 20 minutes because only half of the people who were scheduled to be on it were actually on the plane at take-off time!

My hubby is still in SF and is coming home tomorrow. I told him to expect anything. From what they're saying on the news, it should be much better by Monday.
I work for an airline and I hear they are lightening up if you purchase the drinks (water) once you get thru security. Before you get screened is where you have to throw away everything...
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