weird and stressful day
Today was an odd day. The most stressful part was that I found out there has been a kink in the filming for HGTV's the I Want That show that is supposed to happen this Sunday.

The part that getting tricky is with my client that they are going to interview for the segment. They want to show the work in her house with her kids etc and interview her.

Well, her boys have come down with some kind of crazy skin infection called
Impetigo. Anyway it's very contagious so we can't film at her house this Sunday. Her commission artwork that I did for her is to the right.

And since I leave on Monday to teach in Phoenix we have limited options. Our choices are to have Sarah come to my house and do her part of the segment here (which they don't really like because the producers want to show the kids frolicking with the dogs). Or to wait until I get back from teaching in Phoenix. But then we have to film the day after I get back (on the 23rd) because on the 24th the local producer goes out of town for two weeks. And from what I could tell from HTGV Producer if we don't manage to film on the 23rd then I'll lose the spot on the show and they won't do it all. Yipes!!!

I am freaking out!

You can imagine how stressful this is, because this would be wonderful for my commission business to be on the show. I have offered up other local clients but they need someone who lives close to me and everyone else lives about 45 min away from my house.

So now I have to wait to hear back tomorrow whether we'll wait until the 23rd or do it this Sunday or if I have to find someone else and make new art in a hurry for the shoot. akk! I am trying to let go and not stress because this is not something that I can control. But that is a very big challenge for me.

In other weirdness today, I was mooned by my neighbor's teenage son's friends. They were mooning each other in the street and I was out walking Toby and got a full moon view. At 3pm in the afternoon no less! Then they saw me and jumped in their car and drove off! So totally weird!!! At least it gave me a good laugh!
I hope a solution can be found in time. On the bright side this artwork is super wonderful. Love the bird on the dogs head.
Good luck to you, I hope everything works out--it would be great for your business for sure! On the flip side of your business I just received your book today "collage discovery workshop". It is awesome! I actually tried a few techniques on my new little piece I posted on my blog. I really appreciate the work that went into this book and believe me I am enjoying it cover to cover. Thanks!
oh how stressful Claudine. Wishing it works out for the best for you !
oh no! that's not an easy situation to work out. i hope things turn out well in the end for you. just remember we all love you and your work! ;)
What a dilemma! I would hate for you to lose such a wonderful opportunity. We all live vicariously through your successful career as we make our way, so I hope that it works out for you!!
Oh, I'm sorry Claudine - I hope it works out soon!
Not sure if this will help, but we're on stand by if you need a local family to film :-)
Oh, impetigo, you don't want that, it's nasty. I'm sorry about all your stress, but it's good to read that at least you can get a laugh over the neighbours :) Hang in there, it'll all work out somehow!
wow wow wow I love the proportions it reminds me of Children's art (and by the by I am a huge fan of Children's Art!) I love the pallette too, an nice nostalgic feel!
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