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Well we have reached a date for filming! They want to do it on the 23rd, which is the day after I get back from Arizona (my flight gets in at 7pm on the 22nd). This makes me a tad nervous since it all must happen on the 23rd or I'll lose the spot on the show, but it's what the producers have decided so I have to just go with it.

So now while I am teaching I have to make sure not to lose my voice (like I usually do) and pray my flight home has no troubles -- or my head will literally explode. But this should be good. Everyone should be all well by then and it will be so nice to film at my client's house. She has the coolest house, it looks right out of Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Magazine. The artwork will look amazing there! When I visualize my dream house, I think of her house. Her home even has an amazing little studio out building complete with refurbished 50's fridge! sigh.


Now let's hope I don't get mooned by my neighbor's son again today and all will be well with the world.

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Oh my goodness! That is a tall order. I think you'll pull through just fine, though. :o)

Poor little kids!
wow, sounds packed but YOU will do so well! and p.s. those silly teen boys. sheesh!
Mooned!!!??? Too funny! Congrats on the show. Can't wait to see it, and hope all your travel plans will work out well.
oh claudine...your life is not dull!! lol...well at least the boys were a bit intimidated by you and Toby coming along! Boys just have to show off the parts....i am feeling the pain of the TV shoot but you are right...this could be so big for your commission business....try and have quiet nights after classes at art and soul and think positive about everything else! a hug your way, andra
OHHHH the mooning was fun hehehe...
Here's hoping your head doesnt explode...
All this craziness just means it's going to turn out even more wonderful. (I remember you mentioned that you think you might need to hire an assistant. You better start interviewing before that show airs. You are going to be busy!)
Crossing my fingers it all goes super perfect! I am sure it will!! Xo
Congrats! I'm sure it will all go fine, you'll look fabulous and your designs will be a hit. Just breathe and be yourself!
I say that if your neighbor's son moons you, take a picture, create collage art with it and post it online. After that, he'll think twice about mooning you. ;)
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