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I downloaded Project Runway onto my laptop while we went out for dinner and watched it just now. Mom had never seen the show before and now she really likes it. I just might have created another runway addict!

I am so mad that
Alison is off! And Vincent with that horrible dress is still on. Give me a break! I don't know what the producers are thinking! I was glad that Michael won though. And I did really like Jeffrey's dress too.

Arrrugh! I am very upset that sweet little Alison had to go. She was such a cutie. I was hoping she'd be in the final three.

OK I'm off to bed, to get ready for the
workshop tomorrow. Just had to post something quickly after watching.

Nighty night!

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how man times has vincent-the-freak been in the bottom 3? seems like every week and allison makes one mistake and gets kicked out. I guess it's that thing with the producers having final say. I can't believe I'm saying this but Jeff was my favorite - that drawn-on belt knocked my socks off
i cannot stand vincent & angela. ugh!
welcome Mom to the addicts club!!! I love it when we find new converts! Now we need to find her an all day marathon of one of the previous seasons - like my sister chanced upon last spring!

With Alison's unique "whole picture" approach to design it is a shame they let her go for one mistake when Vincent just tunes the judges out anyway. Can that guy get any more ridiculous?
Seems Jeffrey is figuring out how to mesh his vision and "main stream" more each week. Thrilled to see Michael getting more attention and appreciation - have had my eye on him since the coffee filter dress!

Enjoy Sedona - please send some good vibes to my back yard while you are there - feels like we need them!!!
I am right there with you! I didn't like Alison's dress at all, (and HATED the hair!!) but overall she has done very well. While they may judge week to week, I think that someone that has a good overall fashion sense is worth a lot more than a doofus who makes a basket into a hat with chains on it. Taking chances in fashion may be admirable, but what was Heidi thinking when she defended Vincent?! But then again, when I look at half the stuff Heidi comes out wearing, it really ISN'T surprising!
i know! i can't believe that they kicked Alison off - and kept Vincent. seriously!!??

p.s. thank you so much for the help with the contact paper transfer - i tried the Magic Cover and it worked much better!
I was sad dto see Allison go as well...she was so quiet, thoughtful and laid back...probably not 'good television'. ? I did think it was odd that she didn't design for the model that was going to be wearing her design, but oh looking back now.

Vincent is stong in his conviction. Even if what he did we think is awful, he so strongly believes in it, I think he convinces the judges that it's good enough too...even if they don't like it or respond to it.

I'm still hoping Michael isn't like Daniel V and do great up until the end and then not make it. He really seems more focused on what he's doing and not what the others are (or aren't) doing.

All in all I did love this challenge.
As someone who loves all things paper I was cracking up that they didn't know what to do with paper....???? :) But $25 at an art supply to pay for tape, glue, etc. isn't much. I was surprised someone didn't just buy a bunch of duct tape to make the garment and then use the paper to embellish.
Oh finally got to watch the show....I'm so ready to burst at the seams (no pun intended) waiting to discuss the show.

I am also disappointed about Allison being sent home. I think it was the ridiculous bow-hair-do that did her in.

I loved Jeffrey's dress too. He was so proud of it and thought he would win.

Michael seems to have a great talent and I love his designs. But now I wonder if he will be drawn into the nastiness because he has won two challenges in a row. Something tells me that Jeffrey is going to start targeting Michael now.

Any guesses who the "everyday woman" is that the group will be designing for next week?
I saw Allison at my subway stop the other day. That was a big day for minor celebrities in the subway. I saw one of the actors from Queer As Folk at my second train stop.
vincent should have ben sent home, what the hell was did he make? i'm bummed allison was sent home, she's great & jeffrey had the prize in the bag, what were they thinking? there's a new show called artstar that has actual artists competing, i read about it in artnews, but it's on the dish network which i dont get. bummer!
I'm so glad you finally saw the show. I've been dying to comment about it.
I actually kind of liked Vincent’s dress this week but Allison is SO much better over all. I thought she was going to be there a lot longer and I couldn’t believe they decided to get rid of her.
Also, while I don’t care at all for Jeffery and his attitude, I really liked his dress. I love Michael and I’m glad he is winning challenges, but I thought that Jeff blew everyone away this time.
I marvel they didn't out Vincent just because he put America through listening to him talk about how much that dress 'got him off'. i outwardly shuddered each time he said it. Allison would have stayed on had she stirred the pot with any of them, preferably Vincent or Angela. I found that the white paper wrapped around the model with the silly 'flourishes' was oddly remenicent of a nearly used up paper towel roll.I do not understand why they continue to keep Angela and her StreetWalker Wear.
Project Runway rocks! It's fun to see creative people in a reality style show. Sometimes I'm sure the producers engineer things to keep the more "interesting" personalities on the show for entertainment purposes, versues keeping the most talented designers. This sucks.
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