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Another great show! I liked how the models got to play a little bit more of a role in this episode. That was a fun twist.

I couldn't believe it when Bradley said he didn't know anything about Cher! Um, how did he even get on the show in the first place? I think he should smoke less pot and wash his hair now and then. What was with his space suit looking top? Horrible, horrible top. As soon as I saw that I thought if he isn't out this week then the producers are rigging the show. So thankfully he was out. After that horrendous outfit there was no way they could have kept him in. I'm kind of glad because he was starting to get on my nerves a little bit.

I was really interested to see how Angela's design turned out. When her model picked Audrey Hepburn, I didn't see how that was going to fit in with all of Angela's poufy skirts and rosettes. She did pretty good though, not that I loved it. But she tamed her rosettes down and captured Audrey Hepburn a little bit.

Michael seems to be the voice of reason amongst the group, when they all started fighting about the sewing machines. I am really rooting for him. I like his energy. Loved it when he called his Mom. How sweet was that! I was so glad he won this challenge! yay!

Next week will be torture for me since I won't be at home. I might have to miss it unless my hotel has Bravo. Please, please let the Embassy Suites in Phoenix have Bravo. Oh please!


You need tivo sweetie! I am also routing for michael.
I agree about Michael. Being a mom with grown sons...that really was a nice gesture so I was glad to see he won. Love a person with common sense.
I SO agree with you!!! Bradley needed to go. The last two thing he made were awful. He looks so lost. I am keeping my finger crossed that Robert will get his act together. He is so talented, but I have to admit that his outfit this week left a lot to be desired. I was so amazed at Angela's creation. I really didn't think she could pull it off, but I was quite impressed. I thought Laura really captured Katherine Hepburn to a T. (I know it is hard to get past the dog thing, but she really makes lovely clothes). Loved what Michael did as well. Great color and I was totally amazed that he could change it up so quickly after he didn't like his original design. I also liked that he called his Mom. Looking forward to next week's show! Hope you have Bravo in the hotel room. Why not give them a call and ask. At least then you would know before you got there and were disappointed.
I have to niece (15) from NC came to visit for a week and she is hooked on P.R.!
She had us watch a few episodes with her...what an awesome show! Now we are hooked!!!!
Michael's been my pick from day 1 - although he's not very dramatic, or add much controversy, so i'm not sure he's 'good tv'...but I hope they bring him to the end. He seems quiet and very focused.

Bradley always seemed lost and kind of out of his element there, as does Vincent. I'm sure they have a niche but it has yet to be showcased.

I too thought Angela's garment was a non-kooky surprise, especially when Heidi gushed over it so much!?

So...any thoughts on final 3? I'd love to see Michael, Laura, and _____? I'd love for Kayne and Robert to create a company together...what a great design team they'd be.

Don't despair Claudine, if you miss it you know there will be people buzzing about it the next day, and they always show the previous weeks' show before the new show, so you can actually see all the drama the next week. :)
Michael is my new fave - even if he isn't a bad boy. I was so gald he got the ad in Elle. My picks for final three are Michael, Kayne and Laura. I was tv-less on a teaching gig in the mountains of NM 2 weeks ago and the only show was sad about missing was the Runway!

SO glad you got the tv taping worked out.
I completely agree about Michael. I absolutely love him. I think he has just surpassed Daniel V. as my all time favorite. He is just so cool, down to earth and I think he's got the right attitude about the whole process. It's pretty clear he's going to go places even if he doesn't win. But I don't want to jinx him, because I think he'll be in the last three.
Oh, I agree with it all. I've been loving your work for a while now. And I love that you love Project Runway, too!
Hey Claudine...just in case they don't have Bravo at the hotel, you can d/l the episode from iTunes for $1.99 once it has aired. Totally reasonable price for instant gratification, in my opinion. ;)
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