i'm a dizzy dame
Today was one of those days where you have lots of plans to get things done but they don't pan out.

I wound up with mild vertigo for the better part of the day, so it was difficult to do artwork. I managed to pack up some orders instead and do remedial tasks that wouldn't be effected by my dizziness. But of course I feel guilty for not getting much work done. I hope this doesn't go on through tomorrow.

P.S. thanks to all who have emailed about Bernie and her husband. I have posted another update to her blog. I know they appreciate all of your thoughts, prayers and messages of support.
Hi Claudine - I've been lurking here, enjoying the blog. I'm a collage/assemblage artist and photographer. However, my day job for the last 17 years has been as a massage therapist. There is a very gentle, effective modality called CranioSacral therapy is very affecive with vertigo. If you google craniosacral & orlando, you should be able to find practioners. Ask around, the best referral is through someone you know. Good luck!
When I had vertigo a few months ago, I tried the thing that always work for my husband. Just takes a few minutes. Take a look at the Epley maneuver and next time see if it works for you!

(I put the url on two lines, because it looked in preview like it couldn't be read on one long line)
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