illustration friday: play
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "play"

(click image to enlarge)
Whenever possible I like to post new work for my IF submissions, but this week I am crazy busy getting ready to teach workshops in Arizona on Tuesday. This piece was a
commission that I did about a month ago of a little girl who loves to ride her tricycle in her tu-tu!

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it's beautiful! my girls are riding bikes too!
i would love to be in one of your workshops, maybe one day... i hope!
very nice Claudine. I love the flowers.
Luv the pink crown on her head !
Tweet tweet tweet !

very creative
She makes me Smile!
funny details :D
darling claudine! her tutu is too too!
Can't get cuter than that, Claudine! You have the sweetest style ever.
all-mighty Claudine, just get ready for your workshops and save the world! :) good luck with your trip and hurry back, we'll miss you! best wishes, like always!
I love the way you use colour! Wonderful!
Very cute, her sweet smile says she's having fun.
so very sweet - she sure looks happy!!!
Tu-tus and trikes...a perfect combination!
oh, its very sweet!!! great illo Claudine.

Oh that's so cute, a real treasure!
so sweet !!! and the piu pius too ;-))))
looks like she's not the only one playing lol that pink bird is pretty playful too.
very cute. I love the imagery and how the photo elements were incorporated alot.
Playful indeed!
love that!
Aww, to be very young and a fairy princess when you are out for a ride on your trike. You can't do that when you are all grown up :(
Aww so cute! Love her little crown and the birdies :)
Oh so sweet. The smile is very genuine. I love her little crown, and the crazy quilted flowers!So cute!!
I love the cute and innocent look on the photo. It blends perfectly on the drawing!

This is so cute...I love the pink bird!

Ouissi x
Fabulouuuuuus! This is so much fun. Reminds me of my daughter. Cheers!
i don't know why it comforts me to read about all of your pre-travel house chores, but it does. I have always done the same thing - the idea of coming home from a trip, tired and with a suitcase full of laundry and so much unpacking - you want the place to which you return to be in order so you can just take a deep breath. Enjoy the trip, wish I was going to take the classes!!!
I just love your work - you're an inspiration! In fact I've been playing (let's face it - I'm not working in the medium like you do !) with collage. Awesome as always.
so cute - every week I like your stuff more and more
This is darling! It's just so sweet and pretty:>
great color palette, texture, line quality, and especially style. :)
Those flowers are fabulous! I love the bird and they way you dressed the girl with her little crown. Adorable!
Wonderful style, as always! Love the birds going "tweet!"
this is great!
very very cute!
Who doesn't like to ride around on their tricycle in a tu-tu? The little princess crown is a lovely touch : )
sweet! lovely. I love your works!!
So sweet. Great lollipop flowers!
what great flowers!
That's such a cute little girl! It's interesting to see how you've incorporated stitching into your work. I remember reading a section about that in your latest book.
What an adorable little girl and equally adorable illustration. I just love your color usage.
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