illustration friday: capture
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "capture"

"Judging by the size of her ring, Edna knew she had captured the perfect husband".

At first when I read the theme, all I could think of was captives and women on railroad tracks, but then I kept making lists and I came up with this piece.

I wanted to push myself and do another artwork in a domestic setting which is harder for me than my usual outdoor settings. I also wanted to use a limited color palette. I was inspired by the 50's illos where they only use 1 or 2 spot colors. I hope I managed to convey that look but with my own twist. Despite all the frustration that this piece gave me (at times I was ready to hurl it across the room), I was glad I kept at it and I am pretty happy with the end result.

Thanks for stopping by!

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This is cool! I like how you exaggerate the size of the woman.
lol. she reminds me of someone too. the expression on her face is just perfect. nice job.
Ha! Fun post. Cool work.
I do love the colors. I wish mine dining room table was pink!
you should feel happy about it! Love it!!!
haha, too often its all about snaggin' the man and getting the perfect ring, great illo!
Yay! Something completely different and funny. Nicely done, as always--it definitely looks very 50s.
This one made me laugh! Great!
This is great! Love her pink spotty apron & the colours are fabulous.
Aah, haha, I love it. What a great idea for the topic. ;) and the choice of face and expression is perfect. ;)
fun fun fun illustration
Nice one Claudine! Loving your book by the way. :-)
I like how you come up with your concepts! they're fun! great work!
She definitely was the right woman for the piece..her expression is perfect!
:) Abbie
beautiful work! the guy must be so inlove with her. :-)
Very 50s.
Very nice chairs.
Very cute technique!

Great collages, I like so much!

Love your mix media collage and style!! beautiful illo!
very interesting artworks!See you soon, bye!
That would have captured me too ;) I love little animation (art piece) for your commission work... That is funny, women on the railroad tracks ... never even thought of that one
hum..and now i see they are going to celebrate hah?
great piece Claudine!

Me gusta la convinación de técnicas.

Nice collage!:-)Nice ring!
I will make a repetition but... i love your style and it's a new little nice story you offer to us with each illo... I LOVE
Love the interior! Great expression - with good reason - that's one heck of a rock! :) Fab illo!
hope it's insured--very 50s
I think this is great. I'm glad you kept it around too.
oh my goodness - this one is FABULOUS!
these are neat! Nice to know another Orlando Artist!
I love the setting, colors and the "capture" concept. The size of the hand and the ring catches the eye.
I love the dining table and chairs and the overall feel to this piece :) and yes, I think you've captured it really well!
This is so funny! You did capture that 50's feel!
That is just so sweet. I dont know what I would do without my husband. Thank you for reminding me to think of him. Not that I dont but sometimes I get so wrapped up in art & myself that I wonder if I take him a little for granted. Better go give him a quick smooch! Great take on this theme!
The smile on her face tells me that the diamond ring is just the perfect gift for her.
Made me laugh! and it is a great expression. love the minimal colours too, it does feel very vintage.
the whole setup looks great, i like the colors you choseand her outfit definitly say vintage to me.

congrats on hgtv sounds exciting!
Oh! this illo capturing me ;) wonderful!
Love the caption, Claudine! That usually gives it away! Great colors, your struggle paid off!
You always have the best and most interesting ideas for these themes!! Love the color scheme too!!! Very 50's!
Great image, I love the colours!
thank you everyone for the wonderful comments!

I had so much self doubt with this piece, and really got my undies in a bunch over it.

So it really makes me feel good to hear your thoughts! Thank you!!
much appreciated!
super cool illo ;-)))
thanks !!!
Fantastic colors and pose! I love glasses and wine bottle on the table. Tres romantic! Xo
I love it!!!
the idea is superb!
great idea...still love your style!!!
As always, your work rocks!

(and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!) xo
great illo. I love yours!!!
And she captured herself some bling! Lovely collage :)
Claudine, I love your style! ;)
I love it! Sucha coniving little woman ;) How fun!
Lol! This is funny! Great idea for this week's subject :)
This is great, Claudine! You certainly picked great 50s colors to enhance your subject. I love her face...she's very pleased with her new ring and her glorious future! Great setting, too..I love the wine glasses on the table. Everything's perfect:>
You and your work are so inspiring. I just love this. Thanks you for your kind words. Congrats on the t.v show. That is very impressive. I wish we got that show in Canada. Cheers!
I really like the idea and it turned out great!

Ha ha - that's great! A woman after my own heart.
Very ooo la la! Love the subdued palette!
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