HGTV show filming
Good news! I got a filming date from the I Want That producers. They'll be coming to my house on Sunday the 13th (let's hope it's lucky 13!) where they'll interview me about the commission process and then show me working a little bit. Then they'll go to a local client's house to interview her about why she ordered from me and why she likes it etc. I am very excited!!

I also got my filming dates for Craft Lab, looks like I'll be in Burbank, Sept 18-20. Yipes! Now I gotta get moving on making all the step outs for the show. That takes forever!

I worked most of the day on commissions and Illustration Friday. My IF piece wasn't cooperating (grrrr! I hate that when that happens) so I'll be back at it tomorrow and will hopefully have something to post then!

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great! looking forward to seeing it! for some reason we still dont have the DIY channel in my area- what the???? good luck :)
very exciting claudine!!! best of luck!
I am soooo happy for your success!
Hope the filming process goes well and you are pleased with it!
I can't wait to see you on I want that !
Best of luck next Sunday! or should I say 'Break a leg!'? either way.. remember to enjoy the process..
Hooray for you coming on Craft Lab again!!! I just spammed you with oodles of high res pics of my hubby and I and Lucy and Georgie. Hope they work!
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