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Another busy weekend, flew by! Paul's up in Cleveland visiting family so I am left to my own devices. I miss him!

Since Paul does the cooking, I am also left to feed myself. My dad keeps calling to see what I have eaten. So far I have done OK with peanut butter sandwiches and left over macaroni. I have not yet resorted to the microwave popcorn dinner that I used to do all the time when I was single. Tomorrow I might even cook! We'll see!! Don't hold your breath. I think cereal makes a perfectly good dinner.

Friday night at midnight, Mabel got another urinary tract infection. Why do these things always happen in the middle of the night? She gets these every once in awhile and we do all sorts of things to help avoid them, still sometimes they happen anyway. Poor girly!

So, Saturday morning I was up early to rush a sample of Mabel's urine to the vet so that he could prescribe antibiotics and do lab work. Collecting urine from a cat isn't an easy task but I have a little trick. I have discovered a soup ladle works great to catch it and she never even notices! A soup ladle never to be used again for food, of course. This way I can test the PH of her urine every week or so and avoid having to extract it with a needle at the vet. Much less painful for kitty. Maybe I have shared too much, now you can imagine me standing behind Mabel's litter box collecting cat urine. Oh such a glamorous life!

Last night I rented Capote. Amazing movie! I loved it. Phillip Seymour Hoffman totally deserved the Oscar for that.

OK night night! Busy day tomorrow!
wow! been busy weekend


i love your illo ;)
I dare you to do a canvas featuring you, Mable and a soup ladle.....
I double dog dare what Carmi said!
Ha ha made me relive my single days when I thought a great dinner was popcorn and a glass of wine. Hope you are not starving!!!
I haven't had to get a sample from a cat but I have had to get samples from my children. I'll have to try the laddle-thing. (I can stay out of the spray zone!) ;) Aren't lives glamourous? With butter on the popcorn you hit several food groups.. dairy, veggies, starch, have a strawberry daquiri and your all set!
:p Abbie
As a single gal, I totally agree that cereal makes a suitable breakfast, lunch & dinner! :) So does wheat thins & hummus...a typical dinner at my house! And Capote is fabulous!!! Have a great week Claudine :)

LOL! maybe I WILL do a canvas with me, Mabel and a soup ladle! LOL!!
Oh no, I have to have a warm meal no matter what! But yes I hate cooking, eating and doing the dishes all by myself, too, so I try to keep it simple and quick and I tend to stay low on the amount of pans (less to wash up afterwards..)
Just have spaghetti with tomato puree, tuna and chopped mushrooms, or make an omelet, add soupveggies and cheese and warm up some bread in the oven (both: just one pan!) or, if you have a microwave: pierce a few holes in a raw unpeeled potatoe with a fork and put it in the microwave for a few minutes, then add bacon and cheese, or shrimps and leek, or anything really. Bon appetit!
ROFL! I Triple dare ya to do Mabel and the ladle! I have to get samples from my sheltie once a week so I just
put on a rubber glove, follow her up the hill first thing in the morning and slip a small aluminum pan under her. She
doesn't notice since before I ever did it I would follow her, pet her on the rear and tell her how good she is. What
we won't do for the furbabies! jood
Paul does the cooking?!...luckeeeee!
Peanut Butter sandwiches and cereal...oh, I feel bad for you! Although, I don't think I would cook just for myself either, and I love to cook, but it's just too much work when there isn't someone to share it with.
I loved Capote! Such a great movie!
Hope Mabel is feeling better. These animal things always happens in the middle of the night or when the regular vet is closed. ALWAYS.

Maybe you can have some of her antibiotics on hand so when it happens again you will be ready.

The soup ladle is great too for capture dog urine too...especially with the boys, so easy. That is what my vet uses.
Ha Carmi! Too cute Claudine! But seriously - I sure hope Mabel is feeling better!! Poor sweetheart! ♥
hi claudine!

order a pizza & antipasto salad sans meat - that is good for a couple of meals! also stock some yummy fruit. I suspect Dad is looking for someone to go out with him!
poor Mabel, Toby gets cute art, she gets embaressing art:(
hope you get some art time in! I always seem to get so much less done than I expect when home alone.
I LOVE that stove. :-) And I have a thing for the orange pot too.

And I also am NOT a fan of the midnight health situations. :-)
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