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I had a busy day working on commissions. I am working hard to wrap up all the orders I have before I leave on Monday.

Here's a Poppet® Canvas commission that I just sent off today of Donna Downey and her husband. It's his birthday on Friday and he's getting this as a surprise! I'm 99.9% sure he won't be reading this on my blog. But don't ruin the surprise! Note the "donna loves bill" that the bird is saying as he fly's by in the sky. awww!

I ran some errands today, went to Office Depot and the post office etc. Last night my mom and I made the dreaded trip to Kinko's to copy my workshop booklets for
my workshops in Phoenix and Sedona. My mom comes with me to keep me company while I make all the copies. It usually takes an hour. So it is very nice to have company! I can't believe that this time next week I'll be in Phoenix ready to teach my classes. yipes! I have lots of packing to do to get ready and make sure I have all of my supplies etc.

I am really sleepy tonight. I think I'll take out the trash and then maybe rent a movie. I love having digital cable because I can rent right from my TV set. yay! Now I just need to get Tivo so I don't miss Project Runway while I am away. I hope our hotel in Phoenix has Bravo. I won't hold my breath.
You sound like one busy gal... good luck with your classes, & have fun. Mums are great for tagging along aren't they? ;)
Hope Bill enjoys his lovely pressie!
Ugh, the dreaded Kinko's. Don't you wish it was as fun to do all the mundane stuff as it is to make art and great items.
Best Wishes for your workshops!
Love it!!! I also liked the work you did on Becky Higgins' piece. The kids made me smile..
All the best for a successful time in Phoenix.
So sweet! I love reading Donna's blog, she seems so "with it".

Not to get off topic, but back in June, you and Sharon both were talking about ultrasonic pest control devices you plugged into your wall outlets to keep roaches and other pests out. I wondered if you could tell me the name of the products you used. I contacted Gaiam, and they don't seem to carry anything that works for roaches, just for rodents and spiders. I saw on the website some little plugin's, a 3 pack for around $20-$30, then on another website was offered a big daddy plugin for $70. I don't know which to get although they say the deluxe versions offer better management over a larger area of various pests. Sorry to hijack the blog comments, I'm just getting desperate to solve the problem because my pest control service didn't show up last month or this month, and the roaches and pincher bugs are moving in! Eeeek!
Great one for Donna......and with her being in New Zealand this week, I'm sure it will be a great surprise for her DH!!!
I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are up to.
Always a pleasure to visit your cheery blog; very nostalgic and sweet.

the ones I bought from were just for rodents so I sent them back. I haven't found ones for roaches. We used to have some that I got from QVC don't know if they really worked or not.

sorry I can't help!!
I found a big one that the manufacturer claims works for pests like roaches and spiders, works a bit differently than the rodent ones from gaiam, works within the walls where most of the bugs gather. So gross. Thanks for your reply, though! I felt kinda bad interrupting the nice thread with that awful story....

Back on topic, I'm sure Donna will love this piece. It's adorable! I never met her or took a class from her, but she seems so cool. Her blog is a hoot to read and her perspective is so uplifting! I actually added some of her recent quotes to my art journal as inspiration. And, I adore her studio. It's so organized and precise the way I like mine to be when I'm not slopping it up! I think your Poppet work is a perfect fit for her home, it's such a clean and friendly style. :o) Very inviting.
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