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First of all, I loved the dogs in this episode! I was a little worried at first about them, whose dogs were these, and weren't they scared to be away from their "parents"?

Our Toby would have a total freak out if Tim Gunn was walking him in Central Park without us. Never mind the fact that Toby would never allow an outfit to be designed for him, I almost lost a hand when I was measuring him for last years Halloween costume.

Big demerits in my book for
Laura saying she didn't want to touch that cute Pomeranian. How could you not snuggle that pup!? Now I don't like her just based on that.

Angela's poufy skirt!!! ewwww! That's all I can say. I am so mad that Angela is still in with that horrible, horrible outfit. And sweet Katherine is out, I really liked her design, I would have totally worn that, and I loved the dog hoodie. I don't know what the judges are thinking, they must be keeping Angela in for controversy, that's the only reason I can think of.

Looks like next week we finally find out who gets kicked off. I can hardly stand the suspense!


Yeah and it looks like it has something to do with a designer taking their work back to the apartment late at night. That's what me and Pete pieced together.

Tonight's episode would've been completely in the tank if not for the blessed pooches. They saved the show IMHO.
I loved the doggies too! Weren't they cute? Claudine, I said the same thing to my husband - who's dogs were they? I agree with you about Laura's comment...she certainly isn't an animal lover. And I don't think she's too great with kids either...did you see the clip they showed of her kids throwing things all over the house? Bradley sure lucked out tonight. I felt sorry for him because he just wasn't feeling any inspiration. I have been down that road myself. I was surprised the judges raved about his dress though. I guess you just never know what they are going to think.
Yes, they left Angela on because she causes trouble...Santino/Wendy v.2. That's all it is...I don't think they could truly keep her on much longer...she doesn't have Santino's talent, not even Wendy's (she should've NEVER gotten to the final 3!)
I loved all the doggies too. So adorable...they reminded me why I paint dogs ! I, too don't like Laura now because she wouldn't touch the cutest Pom...what is wrong with her? Too bad there wasn't a Peke, but of course, what Peke would happily leave their people and model an outfit?
Oh I am right there with you! I am not sure that Angela should have been there in the first place!

Toby is so cute though that he really doesn't need a whole lot of accesories!!
I think Katherine is out because she is quiet and doesn't have a gimmick or add drama to the show. She's not a ratings girl and yet she is talented. Looks like you need both to last on the show this season.
I love your style!
I haven't seen this ep yet as I don't have cable! I've been oh so thankful to NBC for reairing them! I was reading Tim Gunn's blog & it sounds like Keith is the one who should've been eliminated for not designing an outfit for his pooch! And my Abigail would act like Toby...nobody, including me, is getting clothing onto her little body! And Angela stinks for her attitude if nothing else. (oh yeah, and she's a crummy designer!)
ITA about Angela and the dogs. Katherine's design immediately reminded me of Jennifer Garners character in "13 going on 30". The dress is similar to the one she wore in the office party/dance scene. Definitely a young person would have worn that dress and put their pet in the hoodie.
Too bad =(
Hi Claudine, I took some classes from you a few years ago at Art & Soul Portland and have been reading your blog for awhile now. I couldn't resist commenting on Toby as Ewok...great idea and costume - he's adorable! I haven't tried outfitting our two Golden Retrievers yet, but maybe this year... :) Wish I got the channel that shows Project Runway!
I agree about Laura's comment on having to dress a dog...however..I did like what she did for the dog and model together. Angela sure has a thing for poufy...but I think all the comments are accurate that she makes for a good conflict in the show. Was surprised how Bradley stayed in after throwing together an outfit.

I saw your work on illustrationmundo i think, it's all really neat. On a side note: Malan and Katherine were my favorites and now they are kapoot. My only hope is that Angela learns that people who don't sketch become stone statues.
I loved the dogs too!!! And, I love Laura's design, but how can she not like an adorable dog??? I am so ready for Angela to go. Her design and story were just off the wall. Who's gonna wear that nasty stuff? If my kid was going to art school in France and had an assistant like that, I'd pull him/her out IMMEDIATELY!!! And Bradley??? His outfit looked so "thrown together" I just could not believe they liked it! I was also thinking that Keith should have been the one to go since he did not do any outfit for the dog and because he has such an arrogant attitude. I can hardly wait for next week...especially with the cool clips they showed!!!
here's my take:
Katherine: she needed a better 'story' or at least needed to be a better pitchman and sell it...if she'd done that I'm convinced she'd stay.

Angela: well, the 80's bubble skirt/dress are in again, and she is very 'arts/craftsy' which is why they wanted her in the first place but I think the world only needs one Betsey Johnson and we already have one...I wish she'd go. I can't believe she doesn't sketch.

Laura: enough already...we 'know' she has 5 children, must they say it EVERY episode. She seems really cold and I just can't imagine her as a mother...??? (I am the same age as her and do have 3 kids but I dropped the heels and went to the sweat pants) She is very 'classic' in a Ralph Lauren type of way, but again, does the fashion world need another one?

Bradley: I really felt sorry for him. He just wasn't feeling it and didn't like what he was making, Tim just added confusion too by asking him to redo it AGAIN with so little time left. I think his execution was excellent, which is what so many are lacking.(finishing hems, etc.) His outfit actually reminded me of Daniel V's 'orchid' last season.

Side notes: the dogs were sooooo cute. I can't believe no one picked Laura's dog (she said it was the last one left?). I also really liked Michael's design but he was shown very little last night.
Vera Wang is so nice to everyone. Ivanka was so matter-of-fact it cracked me out Heidi Klum or she'll have your job (she used to be a model too) :)
Laura dropped down on my list when she said she couldn't stand touching the puppy. But come to think of it, her video shows her kids with her standing with her arms folded - perhaps she doesn't like touching her kids either!!

I think that the only reason that Angela was kept was because Katherine didn't finish her dress bottom very well. I've seen them do the same thing in other episodes - they don't tolerate poor construction very well. I was annoyed with Keith for ignoring the rules, but Santino did it a lot in Season 2 and wasn't ousted! Go figure!
Three cheers for the best show EVER! Love it!
How do you design clothes and not sketch...? it's lame. She does not do the name Angela justice...
Your stuff is amazing. Love the various texture you use!
I love Project Runway and it's great that some may other people love it too!! The Tim Gunn podcast is pretty good too! YEY! Thanks for visiting my blog BTW! we should trade links!Cheers!
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