quick collage podcast #5
The fifth "quick collage podcast" is here!

The "quick collage podcast" is art challenge in which I make a collage in 20 minutes around a theme that Paul reveals to me moments before we start the clock. The theme for this episode is "machine."

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After you've listened to the podcast, click here to see the finished artwork.

We thought it would fun to invite other artists to join in to see how many variations on the same theme could be created. Click here to see a Flickr photo set of their submissions.

Thank you to all who participated this time, it was so much fun to see what you made! If you'd like to play along in the next podcast, stay tuned to my blog, we'll post directions here.

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Love your machine collage!!! I hope to do this challenge, and I am looking forward to hearing the podcast!!!
Hi Claudine,
Thanks to you and Paul again for hosting such a fun challenge...
I cannot seem to connect to the podcast - it might be my computer - since I'm at work, and there are some limitations here, but I've listened at work before. If no one else is having problems, I'll just try from home. Love your machine collage - your poppets are as amusing as they are well composed.
Thanks again.

hi there! I don't have any trouble listening, maybe it's your work computer? It's working for me in Firefox and in AOL :)
some really nice work on your site, interesting style.
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