poor toby!
Toby's in such a state! His stitches are starting to itch and he is so worked up about it.

Last night he started pacing around the house. He paced so much that he started panting. He'd sit down for a second and leap back up and then turn around to look at his back where his stitches are.

Paul and I were so worried about him we called the Emergency Vet and explained what was going on and they said we couldn't really do anything because it was just itching. It was horrible! It went on for 3 hours until he finally exhausted himself and fell asleep.

Today he seems a tad calmer. I spoke to
Bernie on the phone while she's driving to WI, and she suggested getting a little Bach's Rescue Remedy that it might calm him down if we put a drop in his water. So Paul ran out this morning to get some, if nothing else we can take it and it'll calm us down! Poor guy! I just hate it that we can't do anything to make him feel better.


Benadryl is a great, mild tranquilizer and safe for both dogs and cats. You can't give them much - check with a vet.

Hope you feel better Toby!

Aww poor sweet adorable thing! I sure hope he is feeling better soon!
I love your collages--you are an amazing artist! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog so that I had a chance to follow the link and visit your blog and website. I love the design and how evocative each piece is. I hope your pup gets better soon. Loved the rain illo too.
Flower essences are actually a very good idea for humans and animals. A lady I know, Shelley DeLange has used flower essences on herself and on her pets with much success for years. I bet Toby will be thankful! LOL Poor little guy.
Poor Toby, and you as well!! It's awful when we can't make them comfortable - compounded by the fact that we can't explain to them why they feel that way or comfort them at all with words. My sweet dog- Max, was bitten in February, and it was just as you have described with the discomfort and the creative "bandaging" and then trying to keep them from undoing all the bandages & healing. - hang in there- toby is so lucky to have you!!!
Hope Toby feels better soon. Please report back on how the Rescue Remedy worked for him (and on you heheee). It's supposed to be awesome stuff.
Claudine: I'm so sorry you, Paul and Toby are suffering so...I totally understand, as I have spent many a night attending to a freaked out or sick babe. (I think the worst was the night my sheltie ate mushrooms and was tripping her brains out all night!) Things I have done which seemed to help include: putting a futon on the floor and sleeping on the floor with the suffering babe: putting himi/her in a crate and sleeping on the floor next to him/her: getting stern with the pup and doing a "no whine"--believe it or not it worked on one dog who was the ultimate drama queen. This really will pass, Claudine, and until it does YOU can take the meds! jood
thanks guys for all the well wishes! Something is calming him down as he has been much calmer this afternoon, so maybe the rescue remedy is working!

I wish Toby would let us sleep next to him or cuddle him but he doesn't like to sleep with us even when feeling 100% -- he growls at us if we move around in bed! He's a cranky sleeper. He doesn't get the nickname Grumpy T for nothing!
I keep rescue remedy in my purse all the time. I used it the other day when I took my Josie to the groomer because she gets a wee bit nervous. As for me, I use it to steady my nerves. Hope Toby feels better by now. ~Sharon
hey claudine--we use the rescue remedy on our pets, but also, the new antibacterial cream + pain relief seems to work well on stitches itching. we've done that a couple of times with one of our pups. hope toby is much better by now!

thanks! yeah we got the cream but he FREAKS out when we try to put it on him. Paul hold him down but it's so nervewracking.

I think I'll prob call the vet tomorrow morning when they open and bring him in just to have a quick check on his healing progress.
Poor puppy, My daughter, who is a vet tech, has a brussells griffon that is going through something similar. She does that whole darting about the room in a panic thing too; we thought about calling the "dog whisperer" for her.
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