illustration friday - portrait
This is a piece that I created for an article in Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Magazine, last year. It's a portrait of myself and my mom. Enjoy!

(The pocket on my dress has a mini journal in it about our trips to England)

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Love the way it has two connected pages and you have used beautiful colours. You inspire me to create more collage, just have to find the time:)
What a cute illustration and collage!
So sweet!
I've been a big fan since I saw the first article in Somerset Studio; so happy to see your amazing work on this site.
I have this issue - its where I first was introduced to your art work!
I love it!
This is one of THE MOST beautiful pieces of art work I have ever seen!!! It combines everything I love...sweet memories, beloved family, fabric, soft colors, innovation! Thank you for sharing! Also, thanks for your two books I am working through them now!!
This piece is a perfect example of why I admire your work so much! How can you not love it?? Amazing! Lovely colors. Wonderful composition. Just simply gorgeous!
This is so beautiful, what a good idea. Photos are precious anyway but this adds something extra, love it!
adorable claudine. truly.
Ohh! Lovely, clever, excellent and so cute!

I was also very confused 'cause the lady on that head banner (left) looks a lot like me or my mother. Something very familiar on her face.
Claudine, I love this. It's so touching and wonderful and I think I'm going to have to commission you soon to create something for me and daughter!!
I love this so much! I have this magazine and pull it out often to admire. Such fun!
Oh I love pockets in art and quilts and scrapbooks and I guess I like them in life in general, because my clothes have to have pockets! I love the rickrack on the pocket, my mom added rick rack to my clothes to make them personalized and she didn't really sew so it was very special to me. I also had little kerchieves for the hair trimmed in rick rack same color as my dresses in fabric too. I think this is one of my favorite pieces. I love how it appears that your mother is looking at you adoringly! I am sorry I didn't see it earlier in the magazine. Some years I say "No over the top magazine buying!"to myself and I stick to it. Other years I allow myself one.
thanks so much for all the wonderful comments! I really appreciate it!!!

Here's a link to the PDF of the article on ME Home Companion if you wanted to see it:

thanks again! You guys made my day!
Very nice, I had no idea you participated here. You were a huge inspiration to me when I used to do collage art. You are one of the reasons I quit my corporate job to go to art school. Was neat to see you posting here. Brandi
AMAZING and WONDERFUL!!! Love theses pages, and the cute little pocket in your book!!! looking forward to meeing you TOMORROW in Daytona!!! Got my bags packed. Now I just need to get to bed, cuz 5am comes very early (I am driving to Daytona from Ft. Lauderdale). Hope you have a safe journey over!
Oh Claudine! So happy you are doing illustration friday. I loved this piece ever since I saw it in the magazine last year. You look adorable and always use such lovely muted colors. And of course a bit of the best two colors ever together - turquoise and red!
Your work is always amazing.
i think this is soo sweet!
You do such wonderful work! I remember seeing your work for the first time years ago!
what a lovely collage!@ :-) love teh colors! and the layout!
this is the first time I have come across your work - really inspiring and touching.I'll be back to discover more!
love your style… and i did enjoy!!!
As always, lovely!
hoooo its beautiful. i love that. Thanks
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