hurricane season here we come!
I had a busy day today, working on commissions and illustration projects. It was rainy, which made me sleepy. But we really needed it, our poor little plants are just crying out for water.

Speaking of rain, today is the first day of hurricane season. All the local news stations are making sure we don't forget about it. You can feel the excitement of the weathermen, they are thrilled when hurricane season comes around.

Paul and I bought some basic supplies because they had a tax holiday so you got the items tax free if you bought them in a certain time period. We tried to find battery powered fans (small ones) but couldn't. I think I'll have to look online for those.

I am holding out against the generator. I think they are dangerous, it freaks me out having a giant gas powered motor so near the house. Plus you can only power one thing at a time with them, it's not like we'd be running the fridge and the a/c all on one generator, so I don't really see how useful they are anyway. Here's hoping we don't have any hurricanes at all!!

Toby is feeling better, thanks for all the well wishes!
Hi Claudien,
So good to here Mr Tobyis feeling better =)
We had a generater for our fifth wheel years ago and it was very safe. We used it during our big earth quake in 92 to make coffee and have some light at night. One of the new people building a house a quarter mile down the road from us run one all the time. Of course with the price of gas now, it is not an inexpensive source of energy, but in a pinch could be a real comfort saver.
My folks live in Oviedo , so i am saying lots of Prayers that mother nature is kind to the coast this season.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a mild season, but we ended up getting a generator last night (just a few hours before tax-free hurricane week ended). My Mom's came in really handy last year because we could at least keep her fridge powered so we did not have to loose so much food. It was also nice to have a bit of light and the TV.
Glad to hear Mr. Toby is doing better too!
Yay Project Runway is coming back! I wonder what they'll do at the end instead of Olympus Fashion week?

oh boy!
I am so glad Toby is doing better! Poor thing!!
I have my fingers crossed for no hurricanes! Your commission for Angela came out so wonderful! Just gorgeous!
Hi Claudine! Living in earthquake CA country we have a generator and love it. You don't run the fridge and AC at the same time, you run the fridge for a while, then the AC...we can run a few lights, fridge, tv, etc. It's about taking turns! I have to say, I love the generator for allowing me to continue to work on art projects in the middle of an energy blackout...for what ever reason! jood
claudine honey, if it gets hairy down there, y'all just pop toby in the car and drive on up to birmingham. we have such a circus in our house we wouldn't even notice a couple of extra people and a dog ;-) and you could come and check out your stuff at the a'mano gallery. i was so surprised and happy to hear you were going to have art there!
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