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I made it into Dallas and I'm here in my hotel room right now that I am sharing with Lesley.

This is a nice hotel.

They have the beds with the duvets which I love and not the icky hotel bed spreads. So I am planning on sleeping well! The only bad thing is they charge $12.95 a DAY for highspeed internet so I am using dial up instead. But that's a small complaint.

I had a nice flight and read
a good book on my way over. I love getting really engrossed in a book while I am traveling. I get all immersed in that world reading one book straight through. On the other hand it can be hard to shake off a book and get back to reality after spending 5 hours straight reading.

Well I have an early class tomorrow! I'll be teaching
Beyond the Unexpected: Creating a 3-d Collage! Oh boy!

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glad to hear you made it ok - know they have been having some nasty weather across that route the last few days.
love the cover art on your good book! i've been engrossed in trying to get to the studio to peel paper! not sure where the 3 pieces i started are going, but it is a good reminder that what you do in a workshop is just the tip of the iceberg.
such good news that little T's skin is doing better!!!
best wishes for receiving as much inspiration on your trip as you give!
Okay the people in Dallas are the luckiest people ever to get to have you there and teaching them all sorts of amazing things!
make sure to take your sleepytime stuff and eat those bananas, and drink lots of water! xoxo i wish i could be there to laugh with you guys xxxx
Isn't it strange that the hotels with icky bedspreads give you internet access for free...but the expensive hotels with fluffy down duvets charge you an arm and a leg!
I attended that class and I enjoyed it so much. Just wanted to say thanks! It was my first art retreat/workshop and it was a lovely experience. I posted a beautiful pic of some of us and you at the workshop on my blog at
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