toby had a bad day
Let's just say Toby is not a happy camper today. He is mad at his mommy. Here's what I've done wrong.

I took him back to the vet today to get his skin checked. He has a little eczema that we just can't clear up. Before we went to the vet I thought he looked scruffy so I groomed him a little by clipping his toe hair (which he hates me doing) and then giving him a brush.

On the way to the vet I promised him no shots, only skin checks would occur. But while at the vet he had to get his blood drawn so that we can see if a thyroid deficiency is causing his skin and hair problems. We should get the test results early next week. Toby have me a dirty look when they took his blood as if to say "you lied to me."

Then tonight was the final straw -- a bath in medicated shampoo! The horror! Hopefully I'll be back in his good graces tomorrow. Poor little guy!


Darling Toby.

You just want to be at your best before you come to stay with grandma when Claudine and Paul are in New York.
Poor Toby! I hope he has a very restful night and a delightful day tomorrow!
Toby looks so darling in his bubble bath with fashionable leopard print rug! I'm sure he will forgive you when he sees what a lovely portrait you created for him!

it isn't called being "in the doghouse" for nothin'! what did you use for soap bubbles in this great piece, love the way it looks!

met a standard poodle this week who is allergic to her own fur - yikes. didn't get to talk to her mom and find out how they manage that.

grandma is lucky she doesn't have to use the ph tape when she pet sits ;-)!!!

hey there! for the soap bubbles I "stamped" white acrylic paint using the lid from the tube onto white gift wrap tissue. I layered the circles until the looked like bubbles and then when I glued in the tissue is disapears and only the white circles show!

yes we'll definitely spare grandma the cat urine testing! LOL!
too cool claudine!

thanks - now there is an idea i'll have to play with - never would have guessed!
Poor Toby... I do love hearing about his life though. I don't know if this would work on furry children but my furless child had eczema really bad as a baby and the only products I found that helped him were by a company called Arbonne. They don't use soaps, mineral oil, animal by-products, etc... and by using the bath gel and either the baby lotion or oil, the eczema cleared up. It may be worth a try! Oh, and Arbonne is sorta' like Mary Kay in that you have to either purchase it online or from a consultant. Let me know if you want to try and need help finding it.
awww, little toby is a high maintenance little guy, huh? good thing he's ot you for a mommy :) looking forward to seeing you guys in ny!
Hey, I know that dirty look! My Lucy has given that look before... :)

Love the art! Toby is so adorable..
I must empathize because my name is "Toby"- but I am human.
Anyway- when we switched our dog (whose name is Synapse) to salmon-rice based food her skin improved beautifully.
Love your work!
Hope my name sake is feeling better.
Toby the person.
I took a class with you at the Creative Block a few years ago! It was the best.
Have you tried Science Diet food? They have one for Sensitive Skin. My little dog is on it and has no problems. She had hot spots (bald, raw, itchy skin) when I got her, I switched her Science Diet and no problems. I also give her LinaTone for her coat. She is a gorgeous black Corgi-girl now!
Mary Ann
hi guys!

we actually feed him some of the best food on the market, Steves Real Raw food. All natural, organic, no chemicals and all human grade food. I swear he eats better than we do! LOL! Thanks for the food suggestions though!

If it's not thyroid, i'll be talaking to the vet about other things we can do. I love my vet he's so great and into holistic treatment :)

thanks again for all the well wishes for Toby!
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