I had a really busy weekend getting ready to teach in Dallas later this week. Last night I barely slept, my mind was racing thinking of all the things to do before I leave.

I hate that.

Tonight I made the dreaded trip to Kinko's to copy my workshop handouts. I hate going to Kinko's, I don't know what it is about that place but I dread going there. It's like getting a shot, the anticipation is always worse than the actual event. Whenever the Kinko's trip is done, I always think "that wasn't so bad was it?"

Thanks for all the Toby well wishes! I think he has forgiven me for the trip to the vet + the bath all in one day.

I am exhausted, I'm going to get to sleep.
Well, let me just personally thank you for taking the trip to Kinkos! I'm looking forward to taking some of the hand-outs home next week! See you soon. (By the way, I adore Kinkos! Am I crazy?)
That's so sad. I wish I worked at your location, Claudine, I'd make it all better. A Kinkos slave . . .
I was walking w/my mom Saturday, and we passed a woman pushing a stroller. I looked, did a doubletake & said, "That woman was pushing a dog in that stroller!" Mom was in disbelief. I had to tell her about your episode w/your neighbors thinking you had adopted. Mom got a good laugh out of that one. We still can't figure out how the walk is beneficial to dogs if they aren't walking!? LOL
funky finds -- we walk toby until he's really tired and then we put him in the stroller and so he can be with us while we do our "people walk" he's a Pekingese so he can't go very far and you have to be careful about overheating.

Keely -- if you worked at my Kinkos I would LOVE going. Can't wait to take the class with you in Dallas on my day off!!
I like to go on Sunday nights. Also the one I go to is in a touristy area of town near Disney. I have to drive a little further to that one, but it's almost always not super busy.

I always get a little adrenaline rush when I first walk in - praying that there's a working copier open for me. And then I always feel better once I have claimed my copier! LOL!
How long are you gonna be in Dallas? Traci is coming up to Austin to stay with me and I was thinking about going to visit my parents in Dallas so I could swing by and say hello. You have any time for dinner and a drink if I come to town?
I love going to Kinko's. I often make the run with Claudine and adore the hour we spend together having girls' talk. It has become a tradition but I understand why claudine feels pressured. Once we get a copying machine it always seems easier.
just had to add..A couple of years ago I went to the local Kinkos to have some color copies made of my own artwork and they wouldn't do it! They said that the artwork was copyrighted! Yes, I said. By me! They didn't believe me and wouldn't do the copies! Isn't that nuts!? I even showed them my signature and the signature on my driver's license, but they said I couldv'e just put it on the artwork! Needless to say I have found another copy center!!! Crazy!
Aimee, what a story! LOL

Looking forward to your class this I, too, thank you for the trip to the dreaded Kinko's. *wink*

BTW, I had you make a poppet for my husband's birthday about 2 years ago (he's a drummer/instructor and has it hanging in his studio). I told him that you were one of the instructors teaching at the workshop, and he thought that was very cool. :)
LOL, Claudine, I can totally identify. I hate going to Kinko's, Staples or any place I need to make copies at. I've gone so many times and have had problems with machines, no machines available, etc...
One of these days I'm going to get myself a Kinoka Minolta Laser Printer and then I don't have to go to Kinkos or Staples LOL!!!!
Not to mention the $$ I spend there-if I'd just spend it on a machine I'd save myself a small fortune!!!
Have I mentioned how darn lucky those dallas people are?

So I have had my eye on your first book since it came out and then I was super excited about the second book. Well I am trying to be good, but I am definitely hoping to buy copies of both. This weekend however, I went to the library kind of hoping to find your book but doubting it was there. Well I found it in a weird section over by woodworking and I just could not have been more excited. Claudine it is totally completely fabulous! You know how very much i wanted to take your class while you were in WA. I guess this is the next best thing because it is spectacular. I can't wait to get a copy of my own!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!
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