rainy day
It's been dark and rainy outside today. We really need this rain with all the brush fires we've had so I am thankful. It is making me sleepy though. Hard to concentrate on work when all I want to do is snuggle in bed with the cats and read my new book.

I did have to venture out in the rain to run some errands, go to the bank, a Dr appt and then back home again.

Tomorrow I hope to get a full day in the studio. It is too hard for me to concentrate properly when I leave the house and come back again. I can only get a good studio day in if I sequester myself in the house. If I leave to run errands I have the hardest time getting back to work when I come back.

Is that just me?

House is on tonight. Oh boy!
I missed Grey's Anatomy last night because I was watching + taping Sopranos for my mom. This Sopranos season has not been as good as the other's. Something MAJOR better happen in these last two episodes!
So funny that you commented about not getting anything done if you leave the house to run errands. I wrote about the sme thing this morning on my blog! Nice to know I am not alone.
oh man...did you miss grey's anatomy...find someone that typed it!! it was soooooooooo good and hot and sad and left you wanting next season to come fast! smiles, andra
DITTO on Andra's GA"s comments.
IT was as riveting as any major movie I have seen this past year!!!
I always find travel discombobulates my body clock and it takes 2 weeks to get back to some semblence of regularity. 30 miutes of sun each day can expediates the wake sleep cycle rythmn return.
i have to agree -- grey's anatomy was reeeally good. i even cried. twice.

i was hesitant to read The Da Vinci Code for the same reasons as you, but I really did enjoy it, it's definitely worth reading.
If I leave, I never get back to it. Its best to get up, have coffee and go right to the studio in my pjs!
Nope. Not alone. In fact my day was chopped right in two when I had to 1)go to the bank, 2)go to the optometrist, 3)package and mail a client's painting and 4)grocery shop. I find it very difficult to get anything done when I leave the house to run errands. There are other chores to deal with, and after being out, I get this strange nesting feeling when I get back home. I need time to sit down, have a bite, unwind mentally and get the feel for my home/work rhythm again. It always takes about an hour to get to that place, then it seems like my evening chores (feed the cats, feed me, do the dishes, read the mail, spend some quality time with the hubby, etc....) and POOF! Day is gone and I've had precious little time in the studio. Funny how so many of us have similar experiences. I never considered myself a homebody, I love travel, but now I'm beginning to think I have a fair amount of desire to not be bothered with anything outside my studio and my snuggly little home. I need to get rich so I can have a full time staff to run all the errands I don't have to show up for, feed me, do my laundry, etc. Then, I can enjoy my time in the evenings with the hubby without this nagging guilt that keeps me looking into my studio and thinking, "Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be nothing but me and my paints." Ha! Fat chance. LOL
I would have done anything not to miss GA. (You do know you can record one show and watch another in almost every set up, don't you?).

DaVinci Code.. Dan Brown is the new John Grisham. His books are fast, easy reads.. and he takes an unlikely way out in the end. I won't be reading more of his work.

When it comes to working in the studio, I need to plan the task out the night before and wake up with the plan in place.
Ooo, definitely catch Grey's during reruns! It was a really good one...

And I totally relate to your whole blog's difficult to get back to it after I've left the house to run errands...On Fridays I go have lunch with my mom and that's definitely the afternoon I never have any desire to do anything when I get back home. It disrupts my day entirely, but definitely worth it! :)
I take the blame for Claudine not seeing GA. She was taping Sopranos for me and I was unable to get my VCR working for some stupid reason and couldn't tape the last two hours of GA. I tried to bring Claudine up-to-date but it isn't the same. I knew the scene when they put Doc the dog to sleep ( have reduced her to tears. Anyone watch Boston legal?
Hi Claudine,
I've had several coaching sessions with your coach - Sheri Gaynor, (who is fantastic, you're right!!) and we just covered this topic too! I told her that I have such a hard time getting back into it when I am interrupted by errands, phone calls, etc. Apparently it's a common dilemma! That makes me feel better for some reason.
Ditto for me, regarding the interruptions. Unless I am right in the middle of something (like last night when I had to stop and quiz daughter for a grammar final), but if I am struggling with an idea, or trying to start one, then it is the worst. I always think I'm gonna have a whole weekend day to play and create, but there are always those pesky errands or activities what get in the way of creativity. From the looks of the other comments, you are definitely not alone in this (LOL)!
hi guys

glad I'm not the only one with the problem of getting back to work after errands!

speaking of errands, I have to go and pick up a refill for Toby's skin meds. Hopefully if it's a wuick trip I'll be able to get back in the groove easily.

we'll see!
I work at a full-time "day job" so I try to make Saturday my errand & stuff around the house day so Sunday can be spent in my studio. It doesn't always work out but when it does, it's great!
One thing of note that seems to be helping me is to try and schedule my errands either first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. If first thing in the morning, I plan to get all done and be back home by noon to unwind while I have some lunch. Then the rest of the afternoon until evening is devoted to my artwork. That will usually give me a good 4-5 hours studio time which is a good day. If I schedule later in the afternoon to run my errands, then I know that I have the day from morning until errand time to do my work, which will give me 4-6 hours of studio time without any major interuptions. It's not as good as having round the clock servants, ha ha ha, but it seems to help.

Also, like Debra, the night before, if I plan the next day out, it helps me to stay focused. I realize this won't work as easily for people with small children or day jobs, but for people who work from home and only have pets and husbands to work around, it might be helpful.
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