a nice day for ice cream
Summer is really here! It was almost 90 here today. whew! super hot. Here's another collage I did of me and my bulldog George. His tongue moves up and down when you pull the tab so he can lick the ice cream!

I am excited!
Wide Awake Press wants me to do a spread in their comic book anthology! I am super thrilled to be asked to be a part of this project and especially that they like my PoppetsTM. I am working on the art now, but feel a little blocked, I need to get over my fear of not being "cool enough" to be included! Thinking of a whole new audience seeing my work has suddenly made me hyper-critical. I hate it when that happens.

Just got done watching
Amazing Race. Geez! Mo-Jo and the Frat Boys have gotten really mean. I couldn't believe they canceled the Hippies' cabs! Naughty, naughty! I am so glad the Hippies are still in it. I am keeping my fingers crossed they WIN!
Very nice use of colors. I enjoy the polka dot dress.

Yeah, Amazing Race is getting down to the wire. When I saw the caravan of cars pulling into the last pit stop, I said, "Ut oh, it's down to a foot race." Then someone in all three cars said the same thing! So, funny when one of the Hippies scrambled over the rocks.
It was such a relief when they got to stay in! Whew.
Cool doggie! My little guy, Sugar, drinks from a water bottle when he's too hot. He's a gender-confused poodle. heh heh
claudine, no worries. you are definitely cool enough! hugs,s
Congrats on your book project!! You are so worthy!!
congratulations claudine! hopefully it THEM that will be cool enough to dig what you create ;) it was 80 degrees here in NY today, i actually got a sunburn walking nico- time for the sunscreen... speaking of george, it would be funny to see a gwb poppet, lol! you'll be great- no worries.
Aww love it! Especially the polka dots!
Congratulation on the Wide Awake Press thing! You can tell me m more about in Dallas. See you next week!
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