home again!
I made home late this afternoon. It was a great trip! I had so much fun in my classes and it was wonderful to get to see my friends who also teach at all these various events.

I also got to see
Jennifer Perkins again and meet her sister and family too! They stopped by on Saturday night to visit us at the vendor event.

Here's a photo of me and
Lesley Chandler, with her artwork from my Beyond the Unexpected class. It was 85 degrees outside but freezing inside so I wore that scarf all the time to try to keep warm! I was a naughty girl and didn't take any photos. So I snagged this from Lesley's blog. thanks Lesley!

On the way home I started reading the
Da Vinci Code. I was resisting reading it for so long, mostly because I was being elitist and thinking if that many people like it can't be that good. But I am really enjoying it. Lesley Riley is to blame, she read it on her way to Dallas and talked about it so much, now I am hooked. I can't wait to get all ready for bed, snuggle down and get back to reading!


you are too funny..i haven't read the darn book for the same reason..i thought how good can it be. i have read books before that were "hot" and hated them.
smiles, andra
Hi Claudine,
So nice to see Pictures from the weekend! You may want to warn Paul that the book you are reading can cause~ falling of the face of the earth!~ until it is finished.
I read it about a year ago-and just could not stop! That kind of experience is an adventure and a welcomed respit from the busy lives we have.
Hi Claudine,
I'm Cheryl and I'm one of the new 'Fiskars Sisters' (Ambassadors). I'm headed for home (California) tomorrow. We're wrapping up the Fiskars Creative Academy. I enjoyed your work so much and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result. It's exciting to be a part of this. So excited. Thanks for all you've done. Love your work. Keep it coming. Fun, fun, fun!
Have fun reading the Da Vinci Code. You'll like it. My daughter read it before me and now I can't wait for the movie....partly because I liked the book, but also because I like Ron Howard and Tom Hanks.
Claudine, do not read THIS book. It is wasting your time !!
Read a better book.

Greetings from Holland
Hope you enjoy the book!! If you like this one, you should read Angels and Demons by the same author. I liked it too!
claudine, i am laughing so hard - do you remember our conversation on the escalator at the seattle movie theatre about THAT BOOK? you sucker, you. and you can tell lesley to mail back all of my books she has NOT read, shame on her, she is so busted!!!LOLLL xo
nina -- I know! Mea culpa! It is a good fun and entertaining read though. LOL!
I love this pic of you! sweet smile as always!

I wish I had a pic of my cousin, you both could be sisters!

xo ~Izabella
It was SOOO good to see you in Dallas!!!
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