cats like yoga too!
Why is it that whenever I do yoga, the cats always come and try to sit with me on the mat? They could be anywhere in the house sleeping away and as soon as the yoga mat comes out, Maggie and Mabel are right there wanting to do yoga too!


I had a super busy day today. I have finished all the Mother's Day commissions so those are ready to ship but I still have so much left to complete before I leave for Dallas, I hope I can get it all done. Hard to believe that this time next week I'll have taught my first workshop at Art and Soul.

I should be doing more work now, but I am getting too tired. I have learned if I keep going I'll just make a mess and then get frustrated.

I think I'll watch American Inventor, take the trash out, and then get an early night for a fresh start tomorrow!


Claudine, Claudine...are you watching Top Chef? I figured it would be your next addiction after Project Runway! I'm lovin' the food and the feud! jood
oh yes!I'm watching Top Chef, for sure! I was surprised David's still in it. I didn't think he'd make it to the final 3. I'm sad Leigh Ann didn't make it. Now I want Harold to win!

My long-hair dachshund does yoga, too. When I am on the mat, she is right there next to me. Goofy is when I lie on my back, she does the same. Yoga is more powerful than the credit I give it!

I think where cats are concerned, once one of their humans gets to where they can be crawled on, then they MUST be crawled on. I lock mine in another room when I get the mat out, otherwise I don't get my poses done. Reclined Mountain Pose is meant to be relaxing, but it's not when your 15lb cat from out of nowhere vaults onto your abdomen.
Don't Maggie and Mabel come "to play" when you are working on your art? That's when mine always seem to come around.
Claudine, are you still coming to Raleigh, NC this year to teach? I am crossing my fingers that you are!
Claudine: I've tried to do yoga at home, but my Lucy (black Lab mix) always has to be RIGHT there! It never works!
re: Top Chef
I think the it's the same top 3 from Runway - Tiffany is Santino, David is Daniel and Harold is Chloe.
jeanne - oh yes! Maggie come to play when I am working in the studio. Her favorite trick it to lie across something I just gessoed! Mabel doesn't climb on the artwork she just always begs for more food. We don't call her fatty for nothing!

Christine H. -- yup! Still coming to Raleigh, the details should be online in July. It'll be Nov 8-10th or around there! Hope to see you then :)

Jelanie -- the few times Paul and I have tried to meditate it's been to cats climbing on us and Toby licking his tummy - never works! LOL!
Da*n cats.
Awww cute! Have a wonderful relaxing night!
My yoga instructor was telling us how he takes his CAT on backpacking/hiking trips with him.. (without any kind of leash or anything)
The cat just trotts along side of him...
claudine, i'm so sorry toby had to go to the vet under FALSE pretenses! mommy LIED! LOL...our vet's office has become our home away from home, these days, alas.
i love your yoga poppet. very peaceful. xo
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