my aching head
I have had a migraine for the better part of yesterday and today. ugh.
I wish it would go away because:
1) it hurts really bad
2) it's making it hard to get stuff done
I'm going to get an early night and hope tomorrow will be headache free.
((((healing hugs))))
hope tomorrow morning brings relief.
Have you tried a good chiropractor and, or, regular massage??
I am sorry to hear about a migraine. I have had them since I had kids. I have had the best results with Frova since mine our hormonal.
Maybe it will make you feel better to know that I watched your DVD yesterday and really enjoyed it! You are so cute!
I'm hoping you're feeling better today. Nothing makes you appreciate feeling good like getting over feeling bad. Right?
UGH! I used to get terrible migraines too. I tried all sorts of medications, but what finally worked for me was Excedrine Migraine, believe it or not. You have to take it as soon as you feel the headache coming on. It took me years to figure that out. For some stupid reason I thought that it just may go away on it's own. Then BAM! I would have it for 3 days all because I didn't want to take anything for it right away.
thanks guys! I'm feeling better. I take Imitrex for the migraines, the only thing that will work for me. But this one kept coming back even after my normal dosage. ugh.

thanks for all the well wishes! I think it helped :)
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