laundry day
It's time to do the million loads of laundry that I always do before I leave on a trip. Since I'll be gone 10 days, I want to make sure I start with lots of clean clothes, then I can hand wash as needed on the road.

I've been getting a ton of work done today and no migraine! If I could be this productive every day just imagine what I could get done. I was up at 9am and I didn't go back to bed like I normally do (usually I sleep until 11am!) I was so proud of myself. I even watched
the episode with me on Carol Duvall while talking on the phone to my friend Missy. It was like pop-up Carol Duvall Show because I was narrating what I was really thinking and doing as the segment went along.

I got all my workbooks stapled and ready for
my classes next week, I mounted PoppetTM Sketches to sell at ArtFest AND I managed to get 6 artworks framed and ready to send to a gallery in NH. I just need to add the hanging hardware and pack them up tomorrow. I finished up two commissions and will try to get the rest that are in progress wrapped up before I leave. I hate to leave them for so long without finishing them, but I'd rather have them done right than rushed.

Whew, after listing all that I did, I realized why I am so tired tonight.
Hope you are able to get some rest before you big trip. Love this image of the laundry lady. I need to wear my tiara when I do laundry.
I have been checking in on your blog for a while, and I appreciate the way that you share pieces of your life here and balance your art and real life. A bright spot of inspiration in my day...

(And on a sidenote...I emailed Teesha over the weekend and she squeezed me into ArtFest. I'm only two hours from Port Townsend and couldn't believe that I was making up excuses not to I will be in your Saturday workshop. Can't wait!)
Oh I want a "directors cut" version of the Duvall episodes!! SO glad that you are feeling better (awful migraines!!) and able to plow through all your work before leaving - again!
I would love to see the artworks for the gallery! Maybe they will have a picture online?
hello claudine! love the tiara woman. i think i need one too as my washer just finally went on the fritz after many years of service.
We will most definitely take photos when the artwork arrives and post them at artstream and artesprit both to celebrate! have a safe flight!
I love the laundry lady image too! Would look perfect on a canvas hanging in my laundry room! ;)

A day without migraines is a wonderful thing! Hope they stay away.

Good luck with your classes and enjoy your trip!

Take care, Jeanette
I WISH I could sleep in until 11am. I wake right up between 6 and 7 and if I'm not out of bed within an hour, my body starts twitching anxiously to get on with the day. LOL And, I don't even go to bed until after midnight. If my hubby reads this blog post you made, he'll start hounding me to sleep in with him.

Glad to hear your migraines are subsiding in time for you to leave and I envy you your stay in Washington. My mother lives just north of Portland on the river, and it's one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever been to.

Have fun!
hi claudine! oh, your post reminds me I need to get in laundry mode for our vacation - yikes!
sending thanks to Susan for being sure to post the art Claudine is sending to NH - can't wait to see it!
and Jelaine, wish i could get my body to be anxious to get on with the day - i am such a morning slug - i get out of bed and prop myself up, but in no hurry to get on with it!!! guess we all certainly have our own internal "clocks" of operation!

best to all! happy travels Claudine!!!
Nah, I got a series of acupuncture done, Karen. It sort of cleared my system out and I went from sleeping 10 hours per night restlessly, to just 6.5 hours per night soundly. I kid you not. The drawback??? Hubby doesn't get to sleep in with me as often as he used to. He mumbles about it. LOL

Claudine, have a fabulous time in beautiful Washington. Think of the rain as the Earth taking a refreshing shower. LOL

Will Paul be doing the honors of guest blogging for us, keeping us up to date with your adventures on Puget Sound? Hope so. It was fun reading his posts last time around.
ah, if only i could feel like a 'princess' while doing laundry, perhaps i should wear my tiara too! LOVE this example of laundry day! kudos to so much done, you are on a roll but remember to slow down enough to breathe! HUGS!
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