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Another super busy day. Even though I woke up with a migraine, I still managed to get everything done that I needed to do. I think I am building a tolerance to Imitrex because this headache today just would not go away. It's finally getting better but still here. Go away silly migraine!

The days leading up to traveling to teach a workshop are always nuts. So many things to get ready and double check. I got a lot of packing and shipping done today. I spent almost 3 hours packing up artwork to send out tomorrow.

Here's a PoppetTM Canvas commission that I just packed up of this cute little family on vacation at the beach. I'll be thinking of that sunshine when I'm in rainy WA state!

Tomorrow is my last day to pack and get ready because I'll be leaving very early Friday morning. Right now I think I'll relax and watch Top Chef, then off to bed!
Oh, I LOVE this commission! One of my favorites!
looking forward to being with you, whether with an umbrella or not! love the poppet of you as a little girl with your doggie xo
Claudine- as a fellow migraine sufferer (who has taken a plethora of meds including Imitrex) I thought I'd suggest two that are working for me. They are both similar 'types' of meds... one is Relpax and the other is Maxalt. You take one when it starts and then if it's not better, you take another an hour later. It works 95% of the time for me!
Good luck and I just bought your book on Amazon (guide to altered imagery!)
A few days late but...
I just had a bad one myself...gave myself the injectable and 2 hours later back worse then ever. Then I noticed that my dose was expired!! Also they are coming out with a new one that includes naproxin to deal with the longer ones with lingering pain. We can all hope that the cure is next!!!!!!! Love your latest works!! Good luck with the headaches!
grrrrrrrr for migraines as i experienced them for a six month period straight a few years back - shots, imitrex the works! now i'm learning to stay away from chocolate during my fav auntie's visit - pout! hang in there!
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