babies everywhere
Lot's of baby stuff going on this week. I met my friend Heather's new baby girl Elena on Wednesday. She was very cute and small, only 5 weeks old.

Tomorrow I'll be going to my sister in-law's baby shower for her second child. I still have to wrap the presents and I hope I have enough wrapping paper, these baby items are so big.

Paul and I had a great time at the
Winter Park Art Festival today. We were only there for a little bit after Paul got off from work, but we managed to visit all of our favorite artists.

We saw our friends Lynn and John Whipple and went to a party at their house after the show. They have a beautiful home on the lake, we even saw herons nesting with their babies and an osprey catch a fish! It was like our own episode of Wild Kingdom.
So far, this is the best looking pregnant woman art I have ever seen =)
Happy Spring!
Not related to babies...
but I think you have recommended the book Bird by Bird by Anne Lamot (sp?). I started it today and it's so good and funny and full of wisdom. Even though it's about writing I think her approach applies to anything creative. Love it!
I love that "Vogue" expression on the pregnant woman's face. It's so cute!
How I love this illustration. wonderful.
i am so jealous that you got to visit with lynn and john!!!! i'll miss seeing them at artfest this year, those NUTS. dang. their house on the lake sounds beautiful. i've heard that the winter park art show is wonderful too - can't wait to hear more about it when we get together (soon, soon, SOONNNNNNN) xoxo
i have to say that i love all of your poppets.
but this one...
oh, my!
serious giggles here.
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