runway time!
Random thoughts from the Project Runway reunion episode:

Did you notice how much room Santio took up on the couch? He was squishing poor Chloe!

I think Guadalupe was high. what was she saying???

OMG I had no idea that Andrae's crying jag went on for almost 10 MINUTES! That is a long time to cry in front of total strangers.

Paul and I talk in pseudo German accents all the time, so I thought it was really funny that Andrae does that too. Go Andrae!

Zulema scares me. I don't ever want her to be mad at me!

Looks like next week is a show where Tim Gunn visits the final 3 at home so we have to wait to see who the winner is for a little longer!

Project Jay is on, so I'm watching now, but I might have to finish it tomorrow -- I am getting sleepy. I heart Jay!
Seriously - what was UP w/ Guadalupe? She was seriously on drugs - no doubt about it. How weird and sad for her. I thought she was a pretty cool designer but - wow - that is so unprofessional.

My favorite moment was the montage of Andrae moments...Kara and Chloe impersonating him in the bathroom was priceless!

Glad to have found someone else w/ such a passion for this show as me! :)
Yeah, Guadalupe was really bizarre... it made me wonder how she ever got on the show, like, how did she ever make it through the interview process???

And the blond gal (can't remember her name) was a real backwards person... very strange.

I think Daniel will win, but I am most looking forward to Santino's collection.

And I LOVE his imitation of Tim... it's DEAD ON!
Paul found Jay's personal web site! here it is!

he has cute T-shirts and bags, I want one!
Ok, I finally watched the reunion episode. Guadalupe was on another planet! I'm glad Tim said something about it. But I don't understand why they didn't just edit it out. It's like the producers just want to show all of the most uncomfortable moments. After this episode I have a completely different impression of Andrae - so much more thoughtful and insightful, rather than just an emotional basket case. And I think Santino is just an insecure mess who believes in himself but isn't sure anyone does.
I'm a little late to the scene here but I just have to say-- I thought the reunion show was just bursting with all kinds of great moments. I've even watched it a couple more times since it aired last wednesday night (can't help myslef, plus bravo plays it over and over)... soooo excited about tonight.

however, I think I had an even better time watching project jay! it's such a shame that it's not going to be a series... they left all kinds of story lines unresolved... *sniff*... I heart jay!
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