the view from the boat
Paul and Martha and I drove out to Blue Spring State Park today to visit the manatees. They are at the spring this time of year because the water is warm so the manatees travel up there to stay nice and snuggly. They are so cute! I wish I could give one a hug!

After we ohhed and ahhed at the cuteness of the manatees, we took
a guided boat tour down the St. John's river -- which was fabulous! The guide told us all about the animals and the eco system of the area.

It was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky and in the mid 60's. A wonderful day off - now back to work tomorrow!

Here are some photos from our day if you'd like to a take a peek!
I can't get over the strawberries. LOL! The manatee photos remind me of the numerous photos I tried to get of these giant sea turtles in Kauai last summer. You could have thrown me into the water with them with a scuba camera, and I'd likely still not get anything. For slow creatures, they sure move fast! I finally had to catch 2 of them at an aquarium, where they couldn't get away from me. I've attached a link to the pics to my name above if anyone wants to see the cute not-so-little creatures.

Manatees are so wonderful. I understand the desire to hug.
Oh, darnit. I left a link to the whole slideshow. My bad. The cute turtle pics are linked now to my name. Sorry about that.

what great pics! I loved seeing all the Hawaii photos.

Those underwater animals are hard to photograph, the water was ripply yesterday so it was even harder, better when it is glassy. Every year the photos look the same, but every year I still take them! LOL!
Oh, I would still take the pics, too! Forgive me if my comments seemed to imply bad picture taking. I just know how hard it is to get shots of critters in the water and I had to laugh remembering all the shots I took because I became obsessed with the cuteness of the turtles. It's so fun to see them lounging about and knowing how sweet they are.

I showed the pics to my hubby and his reply was typical of us, "Woogies!!" There's something very healing about communing with gentle creatures like dolphins, turtles, manatees and the like out in nature. It wipes away any worries you have and takes you back to a happy childlike place. I think your photos express that. I got all nostalgic looking at them. :o) Thanks for sharing!

"woogies" I love it!! perfect descriptive word for manatees!
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