time for a new bag
I am forever on a quest for the perfect purse. One that's not too big but also not too small. Something that can hold all my goodies, but also doesn't look like I am lugging around a suitcase. I am feeling the new-purse-urge and wanted to see if you guys have any good suggestions? My last purse was from here, and I love the size of it, not too big, not too small, but looking for a new style. Any ideas?
I just bought a beautiful bag at our One Of A Kind show. The designer used many different fabrics and gave me loads of pockets, What I love though is the long, long strap. I can wear it across my chest or turned towards my back and my hands are always free....
I'm a purse fanatic. My husband would attest to that. Last weekend I bought the cutest little olive-ish gray suede bag from Old Navy. Originally $40, on clearance for $20, then got another 50% off since clearance items were on sale. For $10, I couldn't pass it up. ;)
i've seen some cute ones here
Hi Claudine,

What size are you looking for?

I will peruse around for you and report back.

P.S. what kind of Gel medium do you recomend?? Mr has 32 choices, just a few more then i was expecting =)

I just purchased a Mary France Ballerina Pink Ruffle Purse on eBay. I couldn't resist because I thought it was so much fun and instantly brought out the little girl in me. She has lots of other purses that are just as decorative and fun. (I also found a neat beaded elephant pillbox.) Happy purse-hunting!
Oh. Wow! Those bags are WILD! Love 'em. I'll have to put her in my favorites.
Tracy -- i have seen the good morning good morning bags, love them! i want to see them in person to get a feel for the size though...

meadowviewartist -- wow those are cool! too $$ for me but fun eyecandy!
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