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Ok where to start! First, if you live on the West coast and haven't seen tonight's Project Runway , don't read any further!

I think the fact that Emmett was the one who was "out" this episode proves that the producers have a hand in keeping Santio on simply for ratings -- which makes me so frustrated and angry. Emmett's skating dress wasn't the most original, but I certainly didn't think it was vulgar as that one judge lady said. Where did she get that idea?? How does she define vulgar? I guess she must think Disney Land is vulgar.

Santio did everything to get "out" and still didn't get out. He didn't listen to the client, he went over the top with his design and it wasn't functional. I don't know what more you have to do to get kicked off. In Tim Gunn's podcast, he said that Santio has "design arrogance." His podcast is juicy but I could do without the last episode recap that he does, I fast forward through all that.

I thought Nick should have won the challenge but Zulema's design was a good second choice.

Next week should be good with Jay from last season as one of the judges.
Immediately after I watch Project Runway (on the West coast) I log on to see what you thought because we both love this show. As usual we agree that Santino should have been OUT and he is IN just because they want a "contoversial" presense. Emmett's design was boring but puleease? Vulgar? And calling it a tootie? Is this woman 5?

I liked Nick's but my personal pick was for Chloe. I was hoping theyd got for something a little different. I can see why Sasha chose Zulema's.. it was pretty and young... while I thought Chloe's was a little more classy and grown up.

Until next week...

I CAN'T believe this! They're keeping Santino on just for "tension"! I'm so frustrated...last week I thought about not watching anymore because of Santino, but I can't bring myself to do it...If it weren't for Tim Gunn and the premise of the show, I would stop watching...
I still love the show but I agree it's not about who's the best designer, it's about ratings, which is so sad.

But still a great show, and the closest thing we have to a visual arts reality show, I love watching the challenges and the whole creative process.

I agree with Heather, maybe Chole's was the best now that I think about it, she really did something different with the skating outfit. hmmm, I wish we didn't have to wait a whole week for a new show!
me too! as mad as i get at the judges, i can't stop watching!! having Jay on next week may make Santino look like small potatoes - can't wait to see what is up with that! maybe Jay can accomplish what the other judges can't - elimitate the arrogant fool!
Ooo, Karen what a great thought! :-)
Another ditto here. Santino is a big jerk... In the end credits of the show, the very first one says that the judges take the opinions of the producers into consideration as well as their votes. Why bother to vote then? It may make for more drama but not fair at all. I just hope he doesn't win.
OMG could you IMAGINE if Santio won the whole show??!!?? The horror!

I think he'll make it to the final three but Chloe or Nick will win, is my guess.
ok Claudine.You made me REALLY curious about this show and guess what??? It's gonna be on TV this week in France,with french subtitles!!!! :D Well yeah,ok...we are weeks late but i'm sure i'll enjoy watching it! ;)
I stumbled onto your blog and got excited seeing that you like Project Runway as much as I do. I too wich they got rid of Santino. Yet , like you said, I think they'll keep him and he will make it into the finally three along with Chloe and Nick. I love Nick!
oh yes, it is now just way too obvious that the show is keeping santino around for 'added juicy flavor'. losing some street cred there, but that's reality tv for you. can you even IMAGINE santino's get-up on the ice? I'd like to see that.

saddest (and quite possibly the funniest) moment in project runway history: poor emmett getting the boot while having to wear that horrid pink lycra skating shirt with the little puffy sleeves. pretty funny when the designers were all wearing the costumes in the beginning but please! that poor guy should have been able to exit the show with a shred of dignity!

i thought that was so sad too when Emmett left in his pink shirt and then said "was it the shirt"?

poor guy!

i watched it again last night with paul and just got even madder at that dumb judge and her vulgar comment, it enraged me! i am thinking she must think that a one piece bathing suit is vulgar because you can see a woman's "tootie"

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