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I was surprised, I thought Kara would be out this show because her dress was so literal. I am glad she wasn't, because I like her. I felt bad for Nick when Zulema took his model, but I am glad he got his act together and didn't have a total meltdown.

I thought Andre's dress looked like it was derived from his inspiration photo the most, and that he should have won, but Daniel's was very original too. I have a new theory, I think Daniel is going to end up in the final three. He reminds me of the quiet person on Survivor who comes up out of nowhere and surprises everyone.

I giggled with delight when Jay compared Santio's dress to Austin's design from last season! Wow, they did look alike, except Austin's was better made. That was hilarious.

Next week I'll be in Vegas for CHA, I doubt our hotel will have Bravo so I'll have to make-do with catching Tim's podcast and waiting until we get home to catch up! The torture!!
I started talking to the TV saying, "Dont give up Nick" when he got depressed about his model being taken. Did you see how much better Zulema's traded model walked for Nick? I wonder if her strut had anything to do with whether or not she liked the clothes? Better yet, whether or not she liked the designer?? I'm glad Zulema is out. Next should be Santino - although I think they are seriously keeping him for ratings...
Daniel V. is def the guy to watch. He just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I'm not ready to give him a spot in the final three - yet. I keep hoping my boy Santino will pull a rabbit out of his hat and make something as fab as his episode one dress. I never liked zulema, anyway.
Your blog is so nice to look at..very retro. Great collages!
-Marjorie Ann
Can't pass up the notion of using the premise for episode 8 and applying it to a journal page. Anyone care to join me?? I posted about it on my blog today:
Hello Claudine~
Sure!, I'll add you right away.
Hi, I'm Johanna. Now that we're done with the niceties, I hope you don't mind if I just jump into the discussion... I think the final 3 will be Chloe, Daniel V, and Nick. Though I'm iffy about Nick after last night, and wonder if Andrae might have a chance. Santino just gets worse and worse... is he really just all ego and ideas? He seems like such a pyschological mess. I wasn't sad to see Zulema go - that girl seemed like she was accumulating some bad karma.
I totally TOTALLY dug this week's challenge... maybe because I'm so into photography right now and can really understand how a single photo could inspire a piece (or an entire collection even)... so interesting to see what each designer did with this particular challenge... super-interesting. I'm with you regarding daniel. he's the dark horse and I'm pulling for him (and rooting for chloe a little, too)...

and oh wow, don't you think santino's impression of tim gunn was dead on?
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