off to the vet again
This morning I looked at Toby and could tell right away he had an eye infection brewing.

We have to give him artificial tears 5 times a day because his eyes don't make enough naturally. Every so often he'll get a little infection in an eye despite our best efforts to keep them hydrated for him. So off to the vet we went. It seemed like everything was going so well and I had been two whole months without taking any pets to the vet and now two visits in one week!

They were squeezing us in between appointments, so I brought a book because I knew it might be a little while. I am really enjoying this book, it is right up my alley - a memoir and she goes to Italy - even better! I am looking forward to going back to Italy to teach another workshop there in 2007. Reading all her descriptions of the food just made me drool. That Italian food is amazing.
How did you buy this book? Amazon says it is sheduled to be released on February 16th??
Inquiring minds. . .
Oh dear... MacKie has been sneezing too, and Kodi is stuffed since it's allergy season here already. It's early this year because the weather has been so mild all winter, loads of rain and warmish.

I'm considering a vet visit too, with both kitties, just to make sure it's their allergies acting up and nothing else.

Mack and Toby should swap eyes for a bit LOL... Baby MacK's left one waters constantly from an eye injury she received when she was little and Toby's doesn't get wet enough. You could wipe for a bit and we could wet LOL =)

Hug to you and P, and the four-legged children of course! See you in 8 days!

my mom got it for me from the book review room at the paper - it's a proof copy. She reviews books for them as well as being a managing editor. Nice perk is I get books!!
Thanks for the tip on that book! Very good looking sort of read...I am very excited to have found your blog! Love all your fantastic creations!!!!
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