my head hurts
I ended up with a big old migraine tonight so feeling too icky for a decent post. Here's a little sneak peek at a new product that I'm really excited about debuting at CHA.
oh Claudine - how cool! Poked around the site enough to find the descriptions of the products! Sounds like great Poppet products will be seen in stores near all of us soon! Looks like fun for everyone! congrats!
holy awesome now i really can't wait for cha. does this mean i can make my own naughty secretary club poppet family? how exciting this is. hope yer head is better.
those are so adorable and so are you! looking forward to seeing you next week!! i'll get you rlink up soon, it's been crazy lately!! ttyl!!
kathy :-)
so sorry to know you are hurting. Have you tried regular massages, and or accupuncture??

what booth will you be showing your cool new products in??

Healing Energy coming your way!

thank everybody! I think the whole line came out super duper cute. The Poppet(TM) scrapbooking stuff will be at the Lazar StudioWERX booth # 868 only available as wholesale to stores. Ask your local store to order some!!
oh yeah I forgot..... I'll post up my full CHA schedule soon, just before I leave so if you're at the show come and say hi! I hate sitting in the booth demoing all by myself!
I never did figure out how to get me one of those show passes as I'm not an official craft retailer or buyer. I've worked with a local designer before doing some paintings for her client, and could likely have gotten one through her, but darn her!!! She moved to Scottsdale on me!

That's okay, though. I'm saving my pennies to come out to Sedona in August. I can write that off as a business trip, anyway because of all the galleries, too. hee hee!

Enjoy Vegas!

oh goodie! are you taking my workshop in Sedona? Did you tell me that already and I forgot???

Now CHA lets regular peeps in for $90 a badge, I just became a member because it's $100 and then you can get as many people in for free as you want. Well i think upto 10 people at least.. see you in Sedona!!
Can't wait for another trip to Sedona. It was such fun last year - met wonderful people and had a week with my daughter and a chance to spoil her.
No, I had not committed to Sedona when I last spoke about taking a workshop. It was in my mind as THE trip I wanted to take, and it's right around my birthday, so I'm justifying it also by saying it's a birthday present to me. LOL

I hope it isn't sold out by the time I get my $$$$ in order. eeeek!
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