i said I wouldn't, but i did
I wasn't going to watch American Idol at all this season, but I couldn't help myself tonight.

I love watching all the people who are horrible singers embarrass themselves, it's like watching a train wreck. Do these people not hear how bad they sound? Not like I should talk - I can't sing at all, but I am also not trying out for a national competition. I probably won't watch the actual season but those bad auditions are priceless.

Other than watching bad TV, I have been working on
commissions and getting sample packets ready for CHA.
I found myself watching it tonight. Ugh! But, I love hearing a lot of bad singers, and then a really good one - makes it all the more sweeter!
I watched it, too, and kept having to tear myself away from a project I should have been working on b/c I couldn't stand listening to the uncontrollable laughter coming from the living room! ;-) Did you see the teenage Paris Hilton wannabe?? (Oh, so that's where you get it from....) And the Ukranian stripper?? And the sherriff that only knew one line from his song?? And the leaping guy who actually made it to the next round?? I don't think I've laughed that hard in ages....
I enjoy looking at your collages. I've just been getting back into artwork myself after a very long dry spell. I'm an author and have been devoting myself to writing for the past several years. I'm experimenting now with letting the artwork help me in my writing. Have I seen your work in any of the Ohio or Michigan art festivals?

Thanks for your sweet words! I don't show at any of the festivals. I have friends that do that and I don't think i am cut out for it. So much stress!!
I love your site and your work! You've been a huge source of inspiration for me lately! You impact so many people just by your doing what you do....
I was perusing around a favorite site of mine at and found they sell these cute little suitcase "holders" that remind me of your work/or a place you could put your work on. Just wanted to show you in case you hadn't seen them already. Thanks for all your great work and inspiration! As an art school grad myself, I can relate to your freshman oil painting podcast. So hysterical because I had virtually the same experience. Here's the link to the suitcase stuff...

those little cases are so cute! I love them! Thanks for all your sweet words :)
~~I liked "Happy Heidi From Hawaii." she was robbed.

~~best line of the night:
Simon: One of the worst voices ever, Kelly.
Paula: Her name's SHERRY.
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