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Finished up a new commission today, what a sweet family this is! I have been thinking about advertising my commissions in a magazine or two. Maybe Martha Stewart Kids or Mary Engelbreit Home Companion. Also thinking of maybe a pet magazine like Bark or Best Friend's Magazine. I know it would be expensive but might be worth it! Any suggestions on other possibilities?

Paul and I also taped the new podcast it was so much fun to work with the new theme and I think this episode is going to be even better than the last one.

If you'd like to try your hand at creating an artwork in 20 minutes, the theme for this podcast is "taste" then send your artwork to us by this Sunday evening and we'll post it on Monday when we post the new podcast. Don't worry about creating a masterpiece, the idea is focus on the creativity and having fun!

We got some submissions already and it is exciting to see all the variations.
yes! advertise in ms kids or home companion... both such stellar publications and I think you'd get a fantastic response!

going to try to find a little 20 minute slot of time to participate in the challenge... and if time doesn't allow, I'll be looking forward to the next one!
Great idea! How about "Parents" magazine or another family oriented one. Even Better Homes & Gardens or Redbook. The Home companion is so appealing to artistic people that they might just figure they can do it themselves. Or maybe Oprah's "O" magazine. More upscale and attracts readers with $$$$ to spend..
I was also thinking Real Simple might be a good place to advertise. Lots of moms read that magazine. There is also a new high end parent magazine that just came out called Cookie. Maybe check it out at your local Barnes and Noble and see what you think.
all great ideas! thanks!! Will check them out. I have to find how much a teeny weeny ad would be. Probably a lot, but you know what they say - gotta spend $$ to make $$.
Home Campanion is such a cute magazine and such a good fit for your work. Look into an ad (which is expensive I know) but I would also maybe do a commission of Mary and her fam if you can find pics and try to get a feature. They would love your stuff and a feature is better than an ad any day :)

good idea on the Mary E piece and send it to her. I did have an article in that mag last year and it did bring in a ton of orders!

How about the HGTV SHow
Crafters Coast TO Coast
which they are now calling


Also, ELlen Degenres

has been showing handmade gifts viewers are sending in for her birthday, so if you did one of your pieces featuring her and shipped it ASAP that would be as big a national exposure there is!

Oh and what about OPRAH?
if she loved one she might put it on her top Holiday Gifts show.
She strikes me as a CORPORATE HIGHEND Gal, BUT she does seem to enjoy PERSONALIZED items. What is more personal then your pieces?
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