Got my first real laptop and now I need a cute case for it. Anyone know of any that look nice? I don't like the "business man" versions that seem to be everywhere, maybe something pink, or with polka dots?

My web site was mentioned on Liquid Treat today! That was exciting!! OK back to work for me.
Hi Claudine!
These laptop cases are so cute...and one even has polka-dots! They don't have a strap, but I guess you could put them inside of another bag for carrying.
Pretty cute, huh?
Love your blog and your work :)

those are PERFECT! yay! thank you :)

check out the Acme laptop bags
LOVE them!
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There are lots of cute bags here:

ohh thanks for all these options! Now I have to decide!
just to drown you in the possibilities, have you seen the ones over at free people?

there is another one made of ribbon which is also really special... happy hunting!

(ps - i really like the site! yay you!)
oh I just adore my laptop. we are having a little love affair. there are some great links listed here for cute cases that i am looking forward to checking out...
I wish Gecko Traders made laptop bags. They've got a line of bags and purses, of which I have several, made from recycled and dyed fish feed and rice bags. Here's the link to the page with the messenger totes I'm currently trying to hunt down. Actually, they may be large enough depending on the size of the laptop. If I find one, I'll have to test it out with one of my husband's laptops. But, I'd also have to sew in some padding I think:

That FreePeople site is awesome!
Claudine - if you have a Target close by check out the laptop bags in the purse section. I bought a darling black and white polka dot one all padded inside, for $25.00! Looks very Kate Spade like, for a fraction of the price. I saw someone on a plane and admired her bag.
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