cotton candy and popcorn printable favor box kits!
I always love hearing about how other designers and artists develop their ideas. So I thought I would share with you a little bit of my process for designing my two newest kits for my Etsy shop!
1) a customer asked me if I had any cotton candy themed items... which then got my wheels turning. I love cotton candy so I was excited to try out a new design! I thought about it for two days even started a couple designs that just weren't working out, then I sketched out this little drawing late at night before going to bed.

2) the next morning I was anxious to see if my idea would work so I started working on the bag/box template structure, which involves a lot of folding of paper and measuring until i get a shape I like. Once I got the template down, I put one together and sketched out my idea (very roughly!) on the side to see if it would work. 

3) At this stage I am laying out the general color and making the template the correct size. Another rough sketch on top for placement, then there are many, many, (so many!) design revisions before moving on to step 

4) after much gnashing of teeth and fretting over teeny tiny design tweaks the finished design is ready and finished!
And here's the cotton candy stand all finished and ready to go in my Etsy shop! it's sized perfectly to fit wrapped candies, mini candy bars, gift cards, and other small goodies, perfect for birthday parties or to use as a gift card box!
And then while I was at it, I thought the box shape would also fit perfectly for a Popcorn Stand kit! Great for carnival, circus or movie themed parties and events! And just like the Cotton Candy stand, this box fits wrapped candies, mini candy bars, gift cards, and other small goodies (popcorn of course!) or use as a gift card box. 

And the best part - because it's printable you can print and make as many as you like! I've got other "stand" ideas in the works too, lemonade, cupcake.....maybe even a doughnut stand!!


I just discovered your printables a few days ago, and they are the most adorable boxes and packages ever!! I am going to be getting some very soon!
Thank you so much Pam!!!
Love reading about your process, your boxes are the cutest! I just have the HSN ones so far, will gave to try a printable soon.
thank you so much Blissmade!!
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