Thursday, April 17, 2008
studio visit thursday
Just a few little snap snots of what's in my studio today.......

new paper collection from designed by Kerry Lynn Yeary love the vintage couch!


Super cute new necklace by the lovely Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club


Mabel modeling the scissor necklace!!


AMAZING tape writers given to me as a gift by Virgina Barrett at the Inspired convention - thank you!!


Beautiful vintage lace from Dawn Treadway at the Inspired convention - thank you Dawn!!


Stanley with the beautiful Inspired necklace created by Lisa Leonard and given to all of us lucky teachers who taught at the Inspired convention. Here I tried to copy Kal's beautiful photo of Lisa's necklace but as you can see, Stanley had other ideas!


I just love Mabel! Her is such a petite little thing. hehehe
Mabel is soooo pretty!
maybe this site is made for YOU! (Ultra Kawaii means
"so cute it hurts"
in Japanese
"Our simple goal is to showcase the cutest pets on the planet every week.")
i'm a dog person, but your kitty cat has swooner me, she makes a great model!!!
kathy :-)
oh, and maybe the site is good for your friend Bernie, maybe she could find new friends there?!
Really nice papers, and Stanley looks precious! I love the curious kitty gestures. Both kitties are beauties.
i love seeing studio pictures like this. i guess it's sort of voyeuristic, but they're also fun. that is one beautiful orange big-cat you have!
Mabel looks amazing in the new scissor necklace. So glad you like it!
Love, love the papers, right up my alley! I just love Mabel, my husband and I had a good laugh at her pic with the necklace. She is super cute and very healthy:)
Those papers are incredibly decorative. I just love them. Must go visit the site now and place my order. :)
Mabel is a most glamorous model! And Stanley -- well, let me say my orange-boy Gypsy Rose gets that same look in his eye and the same position when confronted by a necklace (or earrings or baubles) of any kind! What fun things to have in your studio, and that includes the four-legged ones, too!
so love Stanley's cute little paw...looking like he wants to play. xoC
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