Tuesday, December 26, 2006
rainy day
It was a stormy Christmas here. It poured yesterday and there were even some tornadoes reported around Florida. Yipes!

We were lucky to only have rain and lightning here. And we were all cozy in the house, having
hors d'oeuvres, wine and hanging out with the family.

Today it's still rainy and gloomy out and it's making me very sleepy!

I have some work I need to finish up and I am having a hard time getting motivated. Stanley is snuggled on my lap and all I want to do is doze, but then I feel guilty for relaxing. I think I'll try and get some work done so then I can relax guilt free!


Hope it ended up being a productive day!
Happy Holidays...just popping in to say I've recently stumbled upon your blog and enjoy it! I've been an admirer of your artwork for a while and love it's charm and whimsy. : )
Claudine thank you again for the fabulous artwork! It makes me smile each time I walk past it!
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