Friday, November 24, 2006
stan update
Yay good news! I took Stan to the vet today. The Dr looked at his lumps and determined that they are indeed a reaction to the vaccines and should resolve in a few weeks. We talked at length about the vaccine related sarcomas and he explained why what Stan had was different and told me not to worry. I am so relieved, but I will be more relived when they go away!

Thanks for your words of support!


Glad to hear he's ok :)
I love your work by the way!
so happy to hear your kitty is okay. i did that once- found a lump and freaked out- and the vet thought i was a little neurotic, but so what? you are a good pet-mommy. sorry it messed up your holiday tho. best tonic for worry is work. but you know that.
see, I told you so. Or should I say Stan did. :)
I'm so glad he's okay - our pets really are our best friends...I'm sure he's glad you're his Mom =)
glad to hear it!
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