Tuesday, August 01, 2006
q&a podcast #2
Paul and I recorded another "Q&A" podcast using the questions that were sent in response to this blog post.

Thank you for all the thought provoking questions! It was hard to decide which ones to answer first.

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Thanks again to all who helped me
come up with questions! That was a huge help! If you have more questions, post them in the comments here and we'll answer them in another podcast.


oh!!! I love your job!!!!

your blog is beautiful!!!!

im in love your style!

greetings & hugs
Nice podcast Claudine and Paul!
love your youtube video!
so cool to watch you create!
cool apron too! :)
It's always so enjoyable to listen to your podcasts. Lots of great questions and answers! Thanks for sharing!!!
What a fantastic idea for a podcast! It's so much fun listening to the process of making your collage and then getting to go see the finished piece.

Thanks for the great show!
Man, this is a really great blog. I hope I can do as well with mine. Blue Book
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