mentor makers event!
I am mentoring at the Maker Mentors conference next month!

When I was first asked to be a mentor for this event I was thrilled. But then fear and doubt started to settle in. Just between you and me I am currently looking for full time work for the first time in my 14 years as a freelance artist/illustrator. I thought, "who am I to tell someone else how to make it, when I'm possibly going back to a regular job?"  and then I nearly backed out of the event. 

One phone call to Cassie (the director of Maker Mentors) had me feeling 1000% better and more excited than ever to be attending and participating in this online event. 

Here's what you'll find at this event that you won't find anywhere else -  REAL LIFE stories from all of us about the rollercoaster ride that is being an artist/creative and you will learn how those of us have dealt with and overcame a variety of situations! We all work alone in our tiny little bubbles, when you look on facebook and twitter you can't tell the hurdles that another person has had to go through to make their business happen. At Mentor Makers you are going to hear it all so you can walk away armed with the stories, ideas and knowledge that you need to make your own business soar.

The conference is happening May 14th-16th. Everyone who signs up gets access to 20+ live sessions with creative business experts, an interactive forum and tons of resources to help you grow your business. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live. All of the content is recorded so you can access it anytime. I'll be there along with tons of other mentors and speakers and you won't want to miss what we have to share!

Register now with discount code CLAUDINEHELLMUTHVIP and get $50 off of your conference fee. Click here to find out more and to register! 

<3 This is such a great post!
thank you so much Erin!!
I am so thankful to read this blog post. I quit freelancing August last year and found a full-time job I was feeling so guilty and a quitter, it's been 8 months now and I am starting to feel a lot better. I'm doing things I was not able before like traveling to Europe, and slowly I'm grabbing a small side personal project. But to read your honest post gave so much peace that I'm not the only one and a full time job is just a strategy to keep our passion alive and still be able to live a normal life with food on the table.

I spent hours reading post that you wrote when you were living in FL I'm currently living in Sanford, FL and felt so identified when you were mentioning Winter Park Art Academy. Thank you for sharing with us, you don't know how much it counts. I'm going to register!! Good luck :)
I'm so glad you didn't withdraw. There are all kinds of ways to "make it" and we get to define what "made" means. I like your style, Claudine. You have always given support to the maker community at large and your work has always been an inspiration. Sharing this honest look at what being an entrepreneur means sometimes is so important. We all need all the examples we can get of making it work - and sometimes that means working outside of our own businesses. Thank you for all you do for all of us.
Hi marielle!
I am SO glad you left this comment! I can't even begin to tell you of the mental torture I have been going through about going back to work. There is even an artist in the mentor makers summit who talks about how she decided to go back to her day job and do her jewelry on the five and how it adds made her so much happier! I cannot wait to hear that talk so I can learn to go a little bit easier on myself about this new transition!
Thank you so much Kari!! Yes! We all get to define what "made it" means. And one thing I have learned in my 14 years of self employment is there is no "made it moment" and then you sit back and relax and let the money roll in. It's a constant cycle of "made its" and then working towards a new goal!
Thanks so much for your comment!!
Nothing like being honest and talking from
The heart to have an impact. Proud of you.
Hi Claudine, I LOVE the chipboard Kits that you sold on HSN. The Sweet Shop and Milk Truck. Can you still get them?
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