free printable apple cupcake toppers!
I thought I'd whip up a little freebie for you so I created a free printable apple cupcake topper kit - perfect for Teacher Appreciation, new school year, back to school or you can use them for fall parties and events too!


To download from the preview widget above, click the button with the arrow in the top right. This will save the high res file to your computer and you will have beautiful apple cupcake toppers ready to print and enjoy! :)

For more Back to School (and any occasion printable kits) to download check out my Etsy store! Here's a kit that I just finished up - a retro lunchbox that can hold 2 standard size cupcakes or 3 mini cupcakes!

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new back to school printable kits!
It's late summer and that means it's almost time for back to school here in the USA! 

How did that happen? The summer just flew by!

Here's a photo of me heading off to my first day of school when I was 7 years old. 

Other than seeing friends again, what I looked forward to most was a new back to school wardrobe and as you can see here from my socks-with-sandals look I was very fashion forward! ;) 

If you've got little ones ready to head back to school soon, I've got some quick and easy Back to School kits for you in my Etsy shop! They are perfect for teachers and let's not forget the tutors or bus drivers too!

it's a new school year!

get ready for back to school with these printable kits! 

My newest back to school kit and just uploaded to the shop! This easy to make printable Retro Lunchbox kit holds cupcakes, treats, favors and small gifts! Included cupcake trays fit two standard cupcakes or three mini cupcakes. Comes with matching a matching gift tag too! Take a closer look here -->> 

1. Pencil Candy boxes printable - perfect for a last minute teacher gift, these pencil candy boxes go together quickly!
2. Apple Candy boxes printable kit - just right for fall themed parties or as a teacher appreciation gift. They also look cute displayed in a bowl in our kitchen!
3. Alphabet Blocks mini cupcake and favor boxes in bright primary colors - comes with an included cupcake tray to hold one mini-size cupcake! Also fits wrapped candies, small gifts and treats. Letters A-Z and numbers 0-9, print as many as you like to spell out words and use the included number blocks to display dates or ages!
4. School Bus cupcake and favor box printable kit - everyone loves a cupcake! This school bus holds two standard sized cupcakes or three mini cupcakes!
5. School House cookie and favor box printable kit - adorable school box shaped cookie box, holds more than just cookies, use it as a favor box for small gifts, gift cards or as a school themed party centerpiece!


printmaking unleashed book giveaway!
My friend Traci Bautista has a brand new book! It's titled Printmaking Unleashed: more than 50 techniques for expressive mark making and she's generously offered a copy to giveaway here on my blog! Thanks Traci! 

In Printmaking Unleashed, Traci shares numerous mark-making ideas and over 60 step-by-step tutorials for creating non-traditional tools from objects like kids wood blocks, craft foam, zip ties, crocheted yarn and sink mats to name a few!

There's a little mix of digital printmaking ideas, monoprinting with acrylic skins and plexiglas, mixed media collage, art journal pages, handmade Collage Pauge silkscreens and Traci's popular technique of creating your very own hot glue stencil masks. 

As you flip through the pages and learn how anything with interesting texture or shape can be incorporated into printmaking for exciting, unique effects. You'll never look at a toothpick, freezer bag or plastic zip tie in the same way again!

So are you ready to win a copy!? Here's how! 


PRIZES:  1 winner will win 1 copy of Traci's brand new book Printmaking Unleashed

HOW TO ENTER: post a comment below to enter.  Don't forget to include your email if you don't have a blogger profile, so that way I can contact you!

CONTEST CLOSES: Winner will be selected at random on Wednesday at 5pm EST and I'll notify the winner by email as well as post here.

we have a winner!! congrats to Claire!  


retro car printable cupcake boxes!
I remember the first car that I bought "completely brand new" - I was 26 years old and it was a 2000 New Beetle in BRIGHT yellow. I loved this car right from the first minute I drove it off the lot. 

It was so adorable, like driving around a little piece of sunshine! I even had a sunflower in the dashboard bud vase. 

 In 2008 when we moved to DC we sold my car and I actually cried when I said goodbye to it. My heart still flutters when I see a yellow Beetle drive by! 

And just for the record I do not approve of the new redesign of the Beetle. It's not as cute and girly anymore, don't you agree? 

new in the shop:

retro car cupcake and favor boxes!

Speaking of cars of adorable cuteness ..... I have created a whole fleet of retro car cupcake boxes and just added them to my shop! It took a full 6 weeks of work on this kit -- but it was worth all the effort! 

I didn't make a Beetle car, instead, I put on my car designers hat and came up with my own design. I like to think of it of a mini-meets-fiat-meets-beetle and I think it came out pretty darling! 

These new little car cupcake and treat box kits come with TWO removable cupcake trays - one for standard cupcakes and one for mini cupcakes. Can also be used as a cookie, candy, gift card box, party centerpiece, favor box, paper toy too! 

Also, I've designed this kit so that you can customize the banner and license plates with your own text! Just open in Adobe Reader and type in the provided text boxes, easy as pie! 

Perfect for so many occasions: weddings (just married car!), birthdays - sweet sixteen!, gender reveal parties, baby showers, Father's Day (didn't Dad always say he wanted a new car!) and so many more occasions! 

Each car kit also comes with two mini suitcase templates that sit on top of the car for an extra retro touch. The mini suitcases can hold small treats and candies, lip gloss or other tiny gifts too!! 

easy to assemble:

watch the video tutorial!

I always create a tutorial video for every kit, I like to share with you tips and tricks to put your kit together easily with no stress. Click below to watch the video!


blast from the past:

my first attempt at a 3D paper car was in 2008!

I was browsing my Flickr account the other day and stumbled across this photo taken in my studio in 2008 of my very first 3-D prototype - and guess what! it's a paper car! 6 years ago I had the idea, started it and then shelved it while I worked on other I am back full circle with finished paper cars! Love it when creative projects come back around like that!


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i'm in mollie makes handmade weddings magazine!
I was so excited to see that my Retro Cassette tape printable kits were featured in Mollie Makes Handmade Weddings Magazine in a DIY 80's wedding round up on page 70! Yay! 

You can purchase your own retro cassette tape printable kit in my shop here and grab this issue of Mollie Makes here


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