how to print + cut in the Silhouette Studio V3 update
Silhouette has come out with a new and much improved update to the Version 3 software that was released a couple weeks ago. 

Whew! I am so glad! I

 use my cutting machine to print and cut my printable kits so I am mainly concerned with how that process works and this update is so much better. 

It opens my SVG files correctly, handles layers better (still some tweaks needed but this is a big improvement), they also brought back the cut/no cut settings. It's generally more user friendly for print and cut. Yippee! 

So today I filmed a little video tutorial how to set up SVG files properly to print and cut in Silhouette V3 newest update! Watch the video below or click here to watch on youtube

For fabulous tips and help with all things Silhouette (+ other cutting machines too!) check out:

Clever Someday Blog - Kay has been beta testing the new version 3 and she is such a huge help to her blog readers with trouble shooting and tips! Make sure to read this post and check back for future updates before you decide if you want to update your software or wait a little bit longer.

Scrappy Diva Karin - Karin has so many free and super helpful videos on all types cutting machines, if you are new or seasoned pro, she's got tips for you. Her info was a lifesaver when I was first starting out using my machine just 2 months ago.

Doodling Debbie - is also a Silhouette software beta tester and she has a comprehensive video on her youtube channel with all the features in the new update to Version3.


first off, thank you for the 'very informative video!'. i just downloaded the v.3 monday night and am experiences a few glitches and my question is, can i completely uninstall this version and download the newest and updated version without losing any of my files? where might i find the new updated download? thanks claudine!
Kathleen - yes you can just delete the old version and the install the new release, here's the link to the download page:
Thank you for sharing this information on V3. I am having difficulties especially in fills my standards.
Have a great weekend!
Nágela - so glad it was helpful for you!
Thank you for this Claudine. Very helpful and well done!
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