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Is your resolution to be more creative this year? Start right here! I'm going to share my top 25 all-time-favorite mixed media techniques with you in my 5 week online class Technique Toolbox! Back by popular demand, it all starts Feb 10th! 

You’ll learn all variety of methods from building backgrounds, image transfers, photo tinting, and working with paints and mediums. If you’ve never worked with paint before, don’t worry! I’ll take the mystery out of the process and if you are comfortable with mixed media materials there will be plenty of techniques for you to experiment with too.

Also this isn’t a class just about paint. We’ll be working with scrapbook papers, and photos in new ways with a variety of image transfer techniques!

Here’s the format for the class: every weekday Monday-Friday I’ll have a detailed instruction video for you where I’ll walk you through a new technique, a total of 5 techniques a week. We’ll use Saturdays and Sundays for catching up so don’t worry, I promise you won’t get behind! 

We’ll have some exciting guest designer projects so you can see their interpretation of the technique and then you can try it for yourself!

As soon as you register for the class, you’ll create a super cute and extra special “technique tool box” that I’ve designed for you to download and print. Throughout the class, you’ll also receive 25 technique cards with directions that will fit perfectly in your toolbox!

At the end of class you’ll have a Technique Toolbox full of 25 technique cards and ready for you to add more of your own!And don’t worry if you forget a technique, and want to re-watch a video after class is over, you’ll have FOREVER access to this class so you can always go back and get a refresher! 

  • 25 in-depth instructional technique videos 
  • 25 printable technique recipe cards with instructions 
  • 6 printable technique card dividers 
  • Specially designed printable toolbox to hold all your technique cards 
  • Bonus content with guest designers showing projects using the techniques 
  • Welcome videos each week 
  • Instructional video on how to assemble your toolbox 
  • Downloadable images for transfer techniques 
  • Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates and interact with Claudine 
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates 
  • Supply list with live links to product resources 
  • Class syllabus 
  • Reminder emails when the classroom is updated with new materials 
  • Email access to Claudine 
  • Forever access to class materials in the private BPC classroom 
Well actually if you sign up right now it will be $45! Woweee!!! Discount ends 1/23/14 Ready to Sign up? CLICK HERE!

Thank You, Claudine! This 5 week class has given me such wonderful Creative Knowledge! I did not know about any of these techniques and now, I feel like a Genius! I am so happy that I had the opportunity to join in on this class. Thank you again and I hope that one day I'll have to chance to meet you in person! You're AWESOME! -Shari 
Just have to chime in, too, with a gigantuous thank you, Claudine! I've been a fan for many years and have all your books and a couple videos, too, but having these techniques together in one 'toolbox' has been fantastic. Your videos were great and all the insider tips, added value to the class. One of my favorite tips: cleaning stencils with rubbing alcohol! Thank you again! - RebeccaVT  

This has to be my favorite BPC class "so far".  Your videos were great and I learned so many great techniques.  Thanks so much for answering all the questions everyone had.  You did a fantastic job!!!!! - Mary48
Likewise from me! Just let me say how much I've enjoyed this class! I've learnt so much, and the other contributor's examples have been fantastic! And I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's gallery posts! And many thanks for all your positive feedback! Hope to take another class with you sometime! - KayH

  • Is this class open to International students? - YES! That's what is so great about online classes no matter where you are you can take it!
  • Do I have to buy Claudine Hellmuth Studio products to take the class? No you don't at all. I suggest watching the videos to see which techniques you love and then using supplies that you may already have. Most of the supplies are simple items like paints, mediums and things you probably already have in your art stash and I am always happy to suggest replacement products as well!
  • Do I have to be "present" each day to take the class? no you don't! you can follow along as the class progresses, or check in periodically and download the directions, watch the videos at your leisure!It is *best* if you can follow along with the class as I'll be able to comment on your work and help you, but if you are out of town, don't worry, you won't miss out on any details and you can catch up at any time!
  • When does the class start? February 10th
  • How much is the class? $50 for 5 weeks of instruction! That's only $1.42 a day!
  • How long does the class stay active for those who registered? Students will have "forever access" to the class materials, which means that class will end March 12th (so there will no longer be teacher interaction), but students can go back at any point in time (as long as BPC exists) and access the class materials, gallery and message board! WOW!
  • I am just starting making art/collage: that's great! You'll get a jump just by learning these fun  techniques. It's a great place to start and just play and have fun!
  • I've been doing art and collage for a long time: You can never learn too many techniques in my book! We all have our own ways of doing things and I bet I've got some new things that you can incorporate into your work!
  • Will it work on my ipad? Yes! you can lie on the couch and watch all the videos right on your ipad! 
  • I've taken your other online classes, is this one the same? This class was first released in July, and will be the second time we are running it, so if you took the class in July it will be the same content. There are no plans to run it again in 2014. If you follow me closely and watch every single video, or have read all of my books etc etc, you may have seen a few of these techniques before. However, I have updated them with new tips, fresh videos and of course our amazing contributors will show you how they use the techniques in their work! Also I will be there answering all of your questions and commenting on your work in the gallery!


If you have any other questions that I didn't cover just post them in the comments and I will answer!

FTC Disclosure: links in this post are affiliate links. If you click and purchase my class, I will earn a small referral fee. I appreciate your clicks and support!


All signed up! Can't wait! :-) H.
yay!! it will be so much fun!!
What are the 25 techniques and how long does the discount last?
hi rich! here's a run down of the techniques. I will have to check with Big Picture to see how long they are offering the discount for.

Week one:
Photocopy Image transfer
Embossed Canvas texture
Resist using stencils or masks
Tinting black and white photos
Collage papers tutorial

Week two:
Easy crackle paint
Faux Batik resist
Image transfer using gesso
Quick Aged peeled paint
3d Collage tutorial

Week three
Sticky Back image transfer
Peeled paint look with reinker resists
Antiquing metals and foils
Stencil layering techniques
Easy chalkboard paint

Week four:
Paint transfer
Faux leather Sticky Back embossing
Gesso etching
Reverse stencil technique
Aged peeled paper

Week five
Faux tin type with foil tape
Thick Stencil textures
Plastic bag masking
Rubbing alcohol and perfect pearls
Resist stamping techniques

What is the deadline for the discount?
hi Trampart! the discount ends tomorrow 1/23 :)
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