join me at the Thriving Artist Summit! it's Free!
Bonnie Glendinning is hosting The Thriving Artist Summit to help you discover how to get your creative business to the next level! 

Bonnie is the Founder of and The Thriving Artist Summit. She is on a mission to help artists be successful and thrive, not, just survive. 

She has brought together 20+ highly successful artists (I'm one of them!), experts, and mentors to share their key insights for real success. I'm sharing my expertise in licensing and I hope to help you learn some ins and outs of contracts, what it's REALLY like to license your work and more!

>> Find out more right here! 

During this special community summit you will discover how to: 
• Make Your Creative Biz a Real Success 
• Build Your Brand for Your Ideal Buyers 
• Price for Real Profit and Growth 
• Increase Your Sales with Marketing, PR, and Social Media 
• Diversify into Licensing, Wholesale, and Direct-to-Consumer 
• Get Into Galleries, Shows, and Raise Project Funds 

The Thriving Artist Summit 
 With Claudine Hellmuth and Bonnie Glendinning 
December 02 through December 13, 2013 Approximately 1 hour, replay available to registrants 

>> Secure your FREE spot now! 
A replay will be available, but you still have to register to receive access! See you there!
I just registered for the art summit. Looks very exciting!

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