i can't believe we are moving
It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here! 

About 10 days ago we found out that our landlords planned to sell the condo we have rented from them for the last 4 years and so would not be renewing our lease. 

We had a couple of months to look until our lease was up to find a place. But we knew the DC rental market is really competitive and with summer fast approaching it will get harder and harder to find a new apartment! 

So we decided to start looking right away! 

And then we found something right in the first weekend of looking. Only a couple blocks from where we live now, in a building that was built in the early 1900's but renovated in 2003. 

We love it! The new landlords are pet friendly, it's still in our neighborhood so we jumped on it and now we are moving in starting May 19th! I can't believe it! If someone had told me just a month ago that we could be moving in mid May I would have laughed and laughed! But here we are :)

I can't wait to get my new studio space all settled, it's been so hard to work with knowing that this move is fast approaching, but I still have deadlines I am frantically working on to get finished! So I won't be able to blog much in the next couple weeks, but make sure to stop back by tomorrow, I'll be doing another stamp sheet giveaway!


Congrats on finding the perfect place so quickly. Take time to breathe!
Congratulations on finding a place so quickly! I hope you'll share photos of your new studio space. I love seeing how people organize. :o)
So glad you found what you wanted/needed so quickly!
Congratulations! Moving is a LOT of work, but how exciting and nice that it is so close to where you are now.
Good Luck with the move and have fun getting the new studio settled. xo
I hope you, your husband and all your animal family with be really, really happy in your new home. x
Best wishes on Everything!!!!!
Oh wow that is crazy! but so happy that you found a place so fast, and in your neighborhood to boot! hugs xo
Wow, one door closed and another one oped so quickly. I hope your new space feels like home soon.
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