pattern design class
I signed up for Rachel Taylor's e-class on surface pattern design. I have played around a little bit with pattern making, but I have SO much more to learn. These are a few patterns I created this year. 

I like them, but I feel like I will be able so much more with pattern and my line drawings  if I can learn just a little bit more about surface pattern design.  I am hopeful this class will help me get what's in my head to happen on paper. We will see if I can do it! I'll share my experiments here as I work my way through the class exercises.
Your designs are pretty cute already, girl! But I feel sure you will make them even cuter :)
your patterns are beautiful!
So cute, Claudine - I love them!
I love these, especially the kitchen one! it would make great fabric for chef's pants/tunic!
sweety, these and some with sewing icons and cleaning icons would be my number one choice for my moms 'your life' album!! I sure hope you will be turning these into a paper or fabric line..or at least offered digitally. You rock girly!! hope your enjoying the blast of pretty weather
edie should definitely look into would rock their world!
Whimsical and fun! Looking great already!
{swoon} Seriously, I love them! I totally need these in fabrics!
When are these going to be made into fabric and paper?? I need them yesterday!
Really like your patterns, so whimsical and very Y-O-U!!! I love learning and practising, understanding that there is always room to grow. Enjoy & thanks for sharing these fun designs...
I particularly like the bicycles on green! It's the colors, I think, and the way the bicycles are every which way. And the hearts.

The kitchen pattern looks vintage maybe? Like I might have seen my grandmother use. Charming.
You must do a review of the class when you finish! Looks very interesting, but quite expensive. I must know if you feel you got your money's worth.
I'm in there with ya, Claudine.
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